Europe Place – Komárno Slovakia


Polyfunctional and polyfloor complex Europe place consisting of hotel, administration, living, retail – trade and cultural parts will be built on a land which is 6500 square metre in Komarno old town. Part of the project is a big business building – Europalia – 6000 square metre.
The architectural image of the Europe place is given by individual buildings, which in their stylistic form represent architecture of individual Europe countries and regions.
It is situated in the heart of the historical centre near many sport and entertainment zones, which provide all leisure time activities.
The basis of the project, which is area of about 25 000 square metre, is one part of business and one of relax. The complex Europalia consists of a supermarket, important shops and some restaurants and cafés. It will give chances for many businessmen to extend their business activities. After all, the Europe place becomes the strongest shopping centre in South Slovakia.
The complex consists of 50 effectively solved offices, 24 hour guard service and guarded centers


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