Bratislava and Slovakia regions


This page contains a list of tourist regions in Slovakia. Click to hyperlink under a region and you will find an accommodation in chosen region.

Bratislava and Slovakia regions

Bratislava (until 1919 Slovak – Presporok/Presporek, Lat. – Posonium, Greek in the Middle Ages – Istropolis, colloquial – Blava) is the capital and the biggest city of Slovakia as well as seats of The Bratislava Self-Governing region, Government, Parliament, Ministries and various offices. Several universities, theatres, museums and other cultural institutions (e.g. world-known Slovak Philharmonic, Slovak National Gallery) are settled also here…

Horehronie is Slovak region lied on territories of Banska Bystrica and Brezno westerly from Lubietova and easterly to village Telgart. The region is one of the most scenic parts of Slovakia due to variety of natural beauties, rich culture as well as traditions. Territory of Horehronie involves many cultural beauties and tourist options. There are 14 ski slopes with ski lifts in the district of Brezno…


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