Slovakia Small Cities – Villages of Central Slovakia, must see Places of the Heart



Slovakia Small Cities


Slovakia is so much more than in Bratislava and the High Tatras, Slovakia, which is the usual destination of tourists from abroad. There are really so much to do and see throughout the country, and no more than the central Slovakia.

In particular, there are 5 places that you really should visit the above, if you are traveling in this area:

A). Banska Bystrica

Banska Bystrica is one of the most beautiful cities in the Slovak town squares and just brimming with culture. There are many churches, museums and art galleries can be found at any visit is the highlight of a great museum of the SNP, which is designed to deliver world-war events from the perspective of Slovakia.

After a busy day of sightseeing, be sure to sit in the main square of a number of cafes and terraces to relax with a meal and local wine.

2). Donovaly

Ski resort Donovaly throughout the year and during the spring and summer months are a great place to walk or just breathtaking scenery. Resort Entertainment Arena has some great attractions to enjoy the adrenaline, including: bungee trampoline, rope center, climbing wall and shelves run.

3). Poruba

Poruba, without doubt, one of the most attractive cities in Slovakia. Located in a valley with beautiful views of mountains all over the city, it boasts two ski centers, art galleries and museums, is unusual in houses and wooden bridge, which includes the Orava river.

4). Kremnica

Famous for its Mint, which has been producing since the XIV century. Coin, Kremnica is excellent in the heart of the city of Slovakia. There are some very interesting museums showcase the city’s rich past as well as the plague column and Kremnica Castle.

Make sure that you take the time to visit a small village a few kilometers Kremnica north, known as the Bane Kremnicke vrchy. This is the geographical center of Europe and a little plaque near the monastery marks the actual spot.

5). Bojnice

If you can make only one place in central Slovakia, then make sure that it Bojnice. With its spa, zoo, falconry, fairy-tale castle and the oldest tree, a small town that is just packed with tourist attractions. The boulevard leads to the castle has several good restaurants serving excellent food at very affordable prices, so do not take a packed lunch.

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