Historic Towns in Slovakia


Historic towns in Slovakia


Our world is the place to be discovered, and, fortunately, there are some people who are looking for adventure and exploring the land. The world has a lot of adventure travel destinations, which operates in every corner of the world. What is so interesting about adventure travel destinations, in many cases, they have a unique, ancient history, yet not many people had the courage to go to them for examination. As one of the few people who dare to visit such places on earth are brave!

Most of the adventure travel destinations in Africa and Asia. Nevertheless, these continents and in many respects different. On the one hand Africa has unpopulated areas where there may be only the ancient tribes lived in Asia – we are talking about the cities and villages which have some history. African adventure spots are mostly in Ethiopia, Kenya and Central Africa, and Asia – they are mostly found in Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Picture postcard historic town of Banská Štiavnica and Banská Bystica and their buildings are set around the town squares, is great, but quite different.

Banska Bystrica is perhaps best known as 1944. Slovak National Uprising Center. The old city center is Námestie SNP, again, the old medieval market place.At, one end is the Clock Tower. It is a short climb to the top view of Banska Bystrica, along the Tatra mountains.

Hronsek nearby is well worth a look. This beautiful, completely wooden baroque-style church, built in 1726 is quite unique and has been well preserved. It has been carefully restored to preserve the identity of the church that was built without iron nails. The church is typical of Scandinavian and German architecture. On the roof of the church, sitting in the reformed church rooster symbol.

Slovakia Banska Stiavnica tourism treasure of beautiful old buildings that have helped him to get the UNESCO protected status. The recovery program is installed, as many of the buildings that came from a time when it was gold and silver mining town that has fallen into disrepair. Wander the city and gardens, including a huge old redwood trees Aboretum.

Bartolomej mine near Kremnica is certainly an interesting trip through the underground mining museum and an old mining seams.Decked, thick green waterproof coats and hard hats are made in the mine shaft, the tunnel network.

European adventure travel destinations are common mainly in Eastern Europe, including here in Russian cities and especially in rural areas. Siberia is another fantastic adventure place, but it’s certainly not the faint-hearted! Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and so on adventurous trips also offer different small and large cities. The Balkans are also a great place to adventure in Europe! South America is the perfect place for adventure travel! I’m not talking about the Amazon jungle, because it takes a little courage, but I often think of small South American village, which is one of a kind!

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