Documentary – The lost world of communism part 2 (Czechoslovakia)


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  1. maximusdecimusjegna on

    Let’s find all the negative stories we can and put it into a motion picture
    and call it a “documentary”. Surely the masses will fall for it. Yes, you
    fools we are great at the art of propaganda. 

  2. While I do not always agree with Republican conservatives in many points I
    do wish to express how sorry I was criticizing & attacking The “John Birch
    Society”, Ronald Reagan, Joseph Mc Carthy,, John Wayne and others. You guys
    were RIGHT in describing Marxism as a really ROTTEN political ideology. I
    was BRAINWASHED by the Marxist Commies in the university back in the early

  3. no sir at the beginning the westerners would gun down So called law men
    cause they had free mens blood still do. listen class Americans i
    am teaching you. Communists and “Workers” same story.

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