Slovak women (Slovenky)


Slovak women (Slovenky)

Volume II. Pics also used from FB sites about Slovak women.
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  1. @david292978 Poď domov.Čo robíš v kanade? Tam nenájdeš ani jednu peknú
    dievčinu 🙂 Doma sa skrýva náš najväčší poklad

  2. Ja Pierdole!!! spierdalam tu stej kanady i lece samolotem, morze nawet i
    statkiem, do tego kraju. tutaj w kanadzie sa same swinie i wszytke maja
    taki wielki ego ze sie kurwa w pale nie mieszci. God Bless Slavic Women. No
    they already are blessed.

  3. ..лишний раз убеждаюсь, что мы один народ, разделенный врагами!

  4. european know how to breed thts for sure, you go to england or states, you
    find 1 good looking girl per 100 km squared, if not more greetings from
    Poland- jak sie masz

  5. kde sa na slovenky hrabe nejaka americka fiflena s tonou potom
    si vsetci myslia aka je krasna ked je nalicena..pff

  6. Guilherme Janczak on

    Don’t care about most of what’s said in the comments here but you have to
    admit that’s just plain retarded

  7. Hatef Alidoosti on

    How come is this possible? Why the white ones got fool? I can’t stop
    laughing at this level of stupidity :))))

  8. Nikolay Kaloyanov on

    It is a huge blow to everyone who tried to convince the world that women do
    not belong to the kitchen. Yes, they do. Here’s the proof.

  9. even when u play street rules, u gotta take it past the 3 or free throw….
    and that only works when u play half-court…. so im not sure what happened
    there. a mexican ringer on the slovak team? B)

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