Slovenky (Slovak women)


Volume I. Pics also used from FB sites about Slovak women.
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  1. Robbie Von Ripper on

    Slovak women are possibly some of the most beautiful women in the world.
    Why isnt Alexandra Vanenkovova in this slide vid. I dated her oldest sister
    and there is three of them and they are all absolutely stunning women.

  2. priznajme si chlapi ze nie sme extra krasavci ale zeny co tu mame tak RAJ
    to je slabe slovo sme proste sikovni ..som z Nitry a ked idem v lete
    cez mesto tak ma hlava boli a krk ani nehovorim

  3. RealSarmatians on

    Those beautiful Slavic women. They are so pretty and slender. Btw, Slovak
    girls look much more Russian than Polish do.

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