Visit Bratislava Top Ten Sights in Bratislava Slovakia

25 Top ten sights for tourists to visit in Bratislava, Slovkia. One of the best towns to visit in Eastern Europe. Filmed in Bratislava, Slo…


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  1. Great video!

    One thing I think would make it even better is when you recommend a place,
    maybe show a picture of the site either as a bubble or full screen. This
    way people can get a better idea of the site itself.

  2. Slovakia is a beautiful country that more people should visit.

    But Bratislava is not among its highlights. It’s okay but it’s not Budapest
    nor Prague.
    Kosice is nicer in my opinion.

  3. Great video Mark. On my recent visit to Bratislava I tried to do everything
    you recommended but was a bit weary of museums after four nights in Vienna
    so I skipped the ones you listed. You mentioned visiting the city’s
    churches – a must see is definitely the famous Blue Church. It’s very
    unique and beautiful and, well, BLUE! Also, I suggest timing a stroll
    passed the Presidential Palace (main intersection north of Old Town) and
    watch the hourly changing of the honor guard. The kids especially will like
    the uniforms and plumed hats as well as the pomp and circumstance. Picture
    worthy for sure. Thanks for the great tips.

  4. Sevag Toujian on

    are there any hotels you recommend? my wife and I will be going on Sep 26
    and were struggling bw Arcadia Hotel, Radisson Blu Hotel and Tulip House

  5. Delos Johnson on

    Thanks for that quick overview. We will be visiting in early June and
    you’ve just made preparing for our day in Bratislava a lot easier.

  6. DavidDarmoty on

    First of all, this is a great video. Being Slovak and living in Bratislava
    I really appreciate this video. So Thanks Mark.
    A church that i would definitely recommedn to see both from outside and the
    inside is the Blue Church or “Modrý Kostolík” in Slovak. It has quite a
    unique style. Plus the area around it is interesting to see or hang out in.
    Great Channel. 

  7. woltersworld on

    Cool info. I had never heard that before. My whole family LOVED Bratislava
    and I was in the east of the country a few years ago and had a great time
    too. Thanks for the great comment!

  8. Hi Mark I’m going to Bratislava for a day over the weekend, and your video
    has helped me plan my day to make the most of it. Just wanted to say thanks!

  9. Well, i see that there are some economics video on your channel, pretty
    good lessons even if it’s a bit “weird” seeing you in all these places XD.
    But i still havent understood how those videos are related to marketing! Is
    that some kind of subliminal message telling me to go to bratislava and
    kamikaze? (i’m joking ofc)

  10. Radio Slovakia International on

    Now there’s also the Bridge of Freedom (aka Chuck Norris Bridge) in
    Devinska Nova Ves, just outside of Bratislava. There’s also a little
    remnant of the Iron Curtain underneath it. Well worth a look if you have
    the time – and of course if you’re in the city, walk up and have a look at
    the unusual Slovak Radio Building (Google it if you dare). 🙂

  11. Hello, I just found your channel and I love it! I’m from Slovakia but now
    I’m an foreign exchange in Cali and it just makes me really happy and proud
    that people like you spread all the information about our country cause so
    little known but beuatiful, really unique 🙂

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