Walking on beautiful clean ice in Slovakian Mountains


Me and my friend walking on frozen mountain lake in High Tatras Mountains in Slovakia. To use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts, please emai…
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A short video of my recent trip to the Tatra Mountains in Slovakia..hope you like it.
Video Rating: 5 / 5


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  1. DeathandGrim2 on

    Not faked. C’mon people I’m a skeptic too but I know how to put it away.
    Fish aren’t there because fish are smart enough to get away from water
    that’s dropping below living temperature, assuming the lake didn’t flash
    freeze over night. And you didn’t see the whole lake so you’re assuming
    that there’s zero fish that were frozen anywhere in the lake if they didn’t
    get out. And plexiglass? Ask yourself how big that particular piece of
    plexiglass was considering it was holding the other guy and how’d they get
    it to fit without moving?

    Just let something amazing BE amazing for once.

  2. deathtokoalas on

    we’ve seen a few videos of these “crystal clean” lakes, and…

    clear water like this is generally *not* indicative of a healthy lake. a
    healthy lake has plant-like stuff floating around in it.

    you know what *actually* creates that kind of a situation? acidification.
    the clarity is generally a response of the ph sinking to a point that it
    can’t support any kind of life. these crystal clear lakes that have been
    destroyed by acidification to the point that they cannot support life are
    called “dead lakes”.

    that doesn’t mean that every lake that looks like this is the result of
    acid rain. there are other factors that may create the same result. but a
    lake in a mountain in slovakia would likely not be this clear unless it’s
    been destroyed by emissions floating south from germany.

  3. Пирамида знаний on

    *Странно* что там на каждый метр по кирпичу не лежит. Яб точно пару
    кирпичиков отложил.

  4. Niezwykłe … spacer po krystalicznie czystym zamarzniętym jeziorze,
    dno wyglada niesamowicie pięknie…..

  5. Crazy walk on a frozen lake transparent in Tatras, Slovakia

    #geekandbuzz #frozenlake #transparentlake #slovakia #tatras 

  6. Becky Sarrazin on

    It’s incredible when he looks down at the bottom of the lake ! Crystal
    clear. I’d definitely do this, but probably be terrified the whole time 😛
    I guess it depends on how thick the ice is.

    “Miracles, they’re not just for Jesus anymore!

    A new video shows two hikers stepping out onto some super clear ice in the
    High Tatras Mountains of Slovakia.

    It will be even more impressive when he turns the entire lake into wine.”

  7. bl0gmOnKeY78 on

    I’d be so worried about that ice cracking or something if you run, skid,
    gallop, slide, or jump on it.

  8. Vinicius Polo on

    Probably Fake.
    It´s the only video in the profile, too short video, only shows a little
    part of the lake, is too clear and thin.
    Probably plexiglass and a little of ice on top of it.

  9. It was worth the payment for the charger to get footage like this. Nicely
    done mister! One of your own soundtracks too? This really reminds me of a
    programme on about 20 years ago called Art of the Landscape. I used to love
    it. So relaxing.

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