Emmy Eats Slovakia – tasting Slovak sweets


Tasting some Slovak treats in this episode of Emmy Eats Slovakia on Emmymade in Japan. Big thanks to Little Miss B for sending me these treats and for making…
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Reuploaded a modified version in order to try to fix the music which was out of sync. Of course it didn’t work. Great. You’ll have to get over it, I’m sorry….


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  1. Jakub Leško on

    Japonka ochutnala naše tradičné dobroty. Niektoré jej reakcie sú fakt
    veselé 🙂 #slovak #food #japan 

  2. I’m from Košice, but I never had the “Košický med”. I gotta try it soon.
    And too bad you did not get the “Mila”. It’s my favourite, but that’s
    highly subjective 🙂
    There is also a challenge to eat the “Horalky” under 1 minute without
    water. I don’t know anyone who can do it :D

  3. Eugenio Hertz on

    This language is curious. It has many words with no vowels where
    traditionally we would find them if they were to be spoken here… and as
    our ocidental brains are used to look for a vowel to start speaking in most
    cases, we find it strange when we see these slovak words, as Emmy said
    “JABLoKO”, when there is no “o” between L and K.

    After Swedish, Slovak will be the next language I will learn. I’ve become
    fascinated by this language.

  4. Matúš Nameš on

    Reklama Na Slovensko a Slovenské výrobky like emoticon
    Len škoda že sa neviem propagovať sami, patriotizmom a nákupom Slovenských
    výrobkov …

  5. Bridgette Marie on

    Sweet & salty peanut butter chips!! Why don’t they make that here in the
    states, gahh!! I’m a peanut butter fiend! hehe.

  6. GracefulTacos on

    This might sound weird but, I watch your videos then enjoy it before bed,
    then I watch it again and fall asleep to it because your voice is so
    calming. xD 

  7. Pikao – i think it was originally supposed to be used as a chocolate syrup,
    to be put into milk, but nobody ever bothered as far as i know 😀

    sójové rezy – i was curious how you’d describe this one, because i eat them
    my whole life and still all i can say about it that it tastes like itself

    thanks to you for also educating people on where we are! maybe less people
    will mistake us for Slovenia and/or realize we’re not Czechoslovakia
    anymore! :)

  8. Proste Majka on

    How awesome!!! Finally some sweets I know :3 And I see that liked them…
    it makes me happy 🙂 Miss B dobrý výber 😀 Budeš ešte nejaký balíček
    posielať? Rada by som poradila s výberom ak by sa dalo :D

  9. Barbora Kamenicka on

    I´m so happy to see “my video”! Hope you enjoyed the treats and maybe visit
    Slovakia someday, we have beautiful nature :)

  10. I really enjoyed this one and you did very well speaking Slovak, I know
    it’s hard to pronounce. I’m Slovak myself. Gosh I really wish I had some
    those treats right now. I’m surprised potatoes survived the shipping.
    Wafer bars are always on top of the list for me personally, and the
    hazelnut bar. Pikao in the tube I remember when I was a little kid,
    we’d squeeze it so fast, I think they even made them bigger back in the
    day. The apple thing I haven’t seen before, must be something new. Figaro
    is a chocolate company, they manufacture most of the chocolate stuff.
    Chrumpky are a classic for sure, loved those. I had to laugh when you said
    refined gentleman when eating Rumba; as they are my dad’s favorite. You
    just ate some of my favorite treats

  11. jan simonides on

    mne tieto potraviny ruskeho typu pripominaju okupaciu rusmi a nimi nanuteny
    svinsky system ked ludia chceli poriadnu cokoladu museli vysmelit ilegalne
    bony postavit sa do rady a 2 hodiny si odstat pred tuzexom aby si mohli
    kupit Milku. Obaly maju asi tak taky dizajn ze by aj 6 rocne decko navrhlo
    lepsi. Pikao je ceske, presladene, nezdrave. Chrumky a zemiakove lupienky
    su novy vyrobok ale nezdravy plny ecok konzervantov a prepalenych tukov s
    kancerogenmi ako benzpyrenmi, okrem toho je to presolene, nezdrave.
    Korbaciky nechutia skoro nikomu zahranicnemu ani sa necudujem je to
    presolene nezdrave. Horalky su odkopirovane rakuske Mannerky ale oni to
    maju aspon narezane na male kusky ta davka horalky je dobra tak na obezitu
    ked to ma decko zozrat na jeden raz.
    Su aj kvalitne nove sladkosti vyrabane na slovensku niektore cokolady
    niektore typy zele cukrikov z trnavy, niektore bonboniery atd.. Naprikad
    pistaciova cokolada z trnavy je super (umyselne nerobim reklamu nejakej
    firme) tieto k nim rozhodne nepatria ich vyber robil asi idiot, ta tycinka
    to je tvrda horka cokolada fuj.

  12. Flavor City with Bobby Parrish on

    Nice video Emmy! I was in the capital of Bratislava a few years ago, really
    delish food there! 

  13. NIKO A NUKEE on

    Hold proste máme nejlepší suroviny a kvalitni suroviny,takže jsem určitě
    hrdý na nás stat. Vím ,jsem cech ale Československo jsme byli =)

  14. jan simonides on

    fuj grc nic z toho by som nezral kde to aj zobrala take predpotopne
    nezdrave grcy asi zo stanku v hornej dolnej sama rakovina presolene grcove
    korbaciky rakovinotvorne chrumky cokolada otras hnoj taketo veci v lepsom
    obchode ani neponukaju

  15. Has emmy done or ever talked about doing travel vlogs about food? Snacks
    are awesome but I’d like to see her take on street food.

  16. mallariasart on

    as a Polish, its always fun for me to read these Slovakian names… they
    just sooo utterly cute! XD
    Ziemniacki 😀 huehuehue… (its because, in poland we have similar names
    for things, but for example we could say Ziemniaczki, when you try to make
    it cuter, normally they’re called Ziemniaki) 😀 

  17. BlackmaskGamin' on

    you had almost every classic from my country here.missing only
    pernik.(pernik-also a slovakian slang word for crack here :D).and a
    national limonade called kofola.

  18. My grand parents were from Slovakia and my Dad’s parents from Bratislava
    …This helps to fill in the gaps of my Slovak heritage…. Thank you….
    My mom’s parents passed away before I was born….I don’t know where in
    Slovakia they emigrated from..

  19. missmonchick on

    I love Slovakia! Visited most of the places on this video. beautiful
    castles or ruins, interesting history..and Slovensky Raj! <3<3<3
    Pozdrowienia z Polski 🙂 

  20. Ok, WTF.

    First off, not everything looks more dramatic with epic music and fading
    into black after every frame. It’s actually dizzying. Try cross-dissolving,
    it works wonders.

    Second, we get it, you like split screening and the Ken Burns effect. Not
    every shot has to have it. Stills are often just as beautiful.

    Third, if you’re gonna make a 10 MINUTE VIDEO on Slovakia, at least put in
    some ACTUAL VIDEO FOOTAGE. Granted, your pictures are quite amazing. But
    you still need to push up your game. At least put in some text that
    describes the scenery, or culture, or whatever. Not just “Oh, ya, Slovakia
    has culture. Look, here’s a thousand pictures.”

    You did good for what you had, but you could have done much better.

  21. Beautiful. Thank you. I must share with my relatives. This is the
    country that my grandparents left to come to the US.

  22. Barbara Seider on

    Very beautiful old buildings showing history and culture mixed with the
    newer, more modern is fascinating!!! The natural scenery is gorgeous!!!

  23. The architecture, the landscape, the nature.. It’s all soooo beautiful!!
    I’d love to visit one day. 

  24. Wow,such a nice place,i wish someday i will visited one of those beautiful
    places…I wish in the near future…

  25. BlackGamingChanel Probebly on

    Thats really good i like it alot i was gonna do a similar video to that but
    dident have music to go with it i always go for metal music or rock doesnt
    go togather

  26. I’ve been to Slovakia several times and I confirm that it’s an underrated
    country. With beautiful mountains and lakes… I think my country is just
    as beautiful, though we don’t live off tourists like you do. (But for me
    Poland shall always be more beautiful than any country <3)

    Greetings from Poland!

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