The Lost World of Communism – Part 2 – Czechoslovakia


Part 2 as requested, please enjoy it is a great watch and really an eye opener! Leave a comment letting me know what you thought! The Lost World of Communism…

Czechoslovakia 1945 Color Film

(Graphic Content) Apolitcal WW2 Czechoslovakia April/May 1945 U.S Army Air Force Color Film Sources:…


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  1. Kingslea Hearne on

    Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia wouldn’t have been much, if any, worse
    than this. People would have still owned land and not had to deal with
    disaster of nationalization. Sure, there was corruption but 1948-1950’s
    purges, 1968’s mass murder, and decades of people being silenced,
    imprisoned, murdered and lacking freedom are no better than what the
    Germans brought. Of course, millions of ethnic Germans who had lived on
    those lands for centuries being forcibly removed from Czechoslovakia and
    raped and murdered along the way from 1945-1950 is also considered “okay”,
    never mind the vast majority were not Nazis and couldn’t have voted him
    into power as they weren’t living in German territory. Soviets were

  2. Jonathan Reiland on

    Can we, just once, have a production concerning Czechoslovakia that
    actually MENTIONS the Slovaks?

  3. In 3:10, the cowboy negligently discharges his revolver and it could be an
    old classic American Dan Wesson (DW) 715 revolver that is chambered in .357
    Magnum. The DW 715 is an iconic American revolver that has been resurrected
    and brought back into production last year in 2014 by the Czech gun
    company, Česká zbrojovka (CZ). DW is owned by CZ and is a subsidiary
    company of CZ. It is both ironic and interesting that a Czech company now
    owns an American gun company (DW) and has brought back into production this
    iconic and classic American revolver, 25 years after the fall of Communism.

  4. Netrvalo to dlouho předtím, než začaly lži a kecy západní propaganda.

    Didn’t take long before the lies and bullshit western propaganda started.

  5. It is not “ism’s” which are responsible for the suffering of mankind. There
    have been many many many systems and each and every one of them, including
    capitalism, resulted in mass suffering of the people. Communism could work.
    Democracy could work. Socialism could work. The problem is not the system,
    the problem is the level of consciousness of the people. If the level of
    consciousness is low and the people are unaware of their infinite spiritual
    heritage then the same energy which was put into the system will come out.

  6. Beryllium Flouride on

    American idiots should see this film. The film is true. Communism is based
    on lies and brute force. There is no incentive to work. No one has
    property. Everyone is a robot. An expendable robot. (Capitalism is not
    perfect — because human nature is not perfect — but capitalism provides
    OPPORTUNITY to those who will work to better themselves.)

  7. In 34:22, the pistol being used looks like a Czech made Česká zbrojovka CZ
    50 pistol or a CZ 70 pistol, both of which are chambered in .32 ACP. The
    Czechs sure know how to make and sell firearms and have a long and proud
    heritage of this.

  8. Joshua Ramey on

    Humans are stupid, if we can’t help each other. Then you are going against
    the fake religions you claim. You wanna know why communism hasn’t work.
    Simple answer: People are stupid. They take all the resources and don’t
    provide any, or they just don’t have many resources. That is what is going
    on in North Korea. US may not be a dictatorship, but there sure as hell is
    rich people that are more fortunate than me, and it’s not my fault, I was
    born not so fortunate. Can’t pay college so I have to get loans, and then I
    have to pay government until I die, and gotta pay taxes to the government
    to fund a fucking war. It’s a damn shame. All I ask is for a little bit
    more help for the less fortunate. If we can’t have communism and
    capitalism. There has to be another way. But humans are just stupid. They
    turned a socialist state into a full dictatorship. If I could rewire the
    human brain, I would because humans are just dumb. And if that 1% is rich,
    we’ve got a problem dude. There needs to be epic proportions of political
    reform. You know what fuck these presidents, vote for me. 

  9. Janka Semanova Bohnakova on

    The “Czechoslovak” people (mentioned at 46:51) is a funny expression used
    to describe the people of Czechoslovakia which persists from the past until
    the present. In fact, there always were two nations in one country: Czechs
    and Slovaks, not “Czechoslovaks” :)

  10. It pains me to admit that I at one time deeply identified with
    Marxism/Leninism. No longer! I’m so happy that I’ve since woken up and
    rejected that insanity because insanity is exactly what it is. The average
    layperson has no conception of the lengths to which Communism will go to
    twist, distort, and totally reinvent reality to further itself. I have
    friends who are still involved with it and I’m always held in absolute awe
    at their inability to think for themselves. They don’t actually interact
    with the world, but rather simply pass through it. It’s almost like a sort
    of schizophrenia…

  11. fullmetaljaco on

    The first frames of the Prague mass games convinced me that i wouldn’t have
    liked “communist” eastern Europe, especially for one reason: women didn’t
    shave their armpits.
    That really sucks.

  12. Marty toofree on

    havel was a greedy traitor and puppet, im not defending communism, but
    havel is traitor of nation, we wanted something like first republic, not
    dirty capitalism where rich get richer and poor get poorer… understand, I
    will not talk about split of czechoslovakia and stealing of national
    wealth, and historical things from castles sold to germany with 1/10 of
    actuall price, not talking about national factories that none of them is
    working this day….

  13. Divided Line on

    There are no shortage of Americans who think the Nazis were left wingers
    because Hitler didn’t eat meat. They think the democratic party is the
    party of slave holders because they don’t realize that the southern
    democrats broke with the party over civil rights and threw their support
    behind the GOP with Reagan. Americans think Vietnam is something that
    happened to us and still don’t recognize that the U.S. invaded it.
    Americans don’t realize that the U.S. backs half the dictatorships in the
    Mideast when the Israelis describe themselves as an island of democracy in
    a part of the world with few democracies. Americans don’t realize that
    half the corporate right in the United States wanted to support Hitler and
    that after the war, they made self described fascists and hardline
    genocidal nationalists their allies against the socialists, communists, and
    left in much of the 3rd world. Most Americans have no idea what the Villa
    Grimaldi was, they have no idea who Suharto, Videla, or Rios Montt are.

    Are you sure it’s just the communists who wanted to reprogram the nation’s

    Did people have freedom of speech in the client states where the U.S.
    backed dictatorships and oligarchies who then bent over backward for
    American and European capitalists who wanted cheap labor and raw
    materials? Isn’t that where the prosperity in the west came from in the
    first place? Why wouldn’t we simply conclude that imperialism is the
    international face of capitalism and that there was never an existing
    capitalism historically which didn’t produce debt peonage, extreme
    repression, torture, slavery, corruption, death squad terror and secret
    prisons? Who rewrote history, I wonder.

  14. Emily Wilson on

    I deal with anxiety in my (obviously) comparably safe life in America and I
    can only imagine how much insane anxiety that poor Czech singer felt when
    she was expected to perform with dangerous, presumably loud aircraft above
    her head and fearing assassination. These are some strong people 

  15. Matthew Henry on

    So hummm the cold war!!!! Armies train on both sides all peoples are told
    their side is the right side! There’s the Berlin wall tanks all around!
    But these communists are worried that the Coke company might be worried if
    they use there name????? Wtf??? Umm I’m afraid the cold war was fake it was
    a ruse to scam people out of money and for government to gain more
    control!!!!! Communists worried about copy wrights yeah fucking right!!!!!
    Prison camps starvation but oh fuck we better not use the coca-cola
    name!!!!! Pure bullshit!!!!!!

  16. Yet again a document about Czechoslovakia, but all people mentioned here
    are only Czechs.. how can you forget people from Slovakia- Slovaks?

  17. weirdshibainu on

    This should be required viewing for the Obama acolytes that believe in
    income redistribution and the overwhelming big govt apparatus.

  18. That brave woman, who stood up to that judge and kangaroo court, was so
    brave that took some testicular fortitude. She knew she was going to die
    but she didn’t stick to the script and kiss their as$. You can die with
    dignity and she did just that you could just see the pain on the daughter
    in her eyes as she was reading the letter she got 40 years later. Don’t get
    me wrong we have our own problems with Capitalism but it’s been proven that
    communism or socialism doesn’t work. Even China, which is having economic
    success right now, is doing so because they now evolved into more of a
    hybrid government, I really would not call them communist because they have
    Capitalist elements like private ownership. This story hits home because I
    have family members, the older ones, and some of them lived through
    Erick Honecker’s regime in the DDR(East Germany). I also visited Prague
    and Bratislava and other cities beautiful countries(no
    more Czechoslovakia). This doc was well done can’t wait to watch part 3.

  19. SummerBreeze106 on

    Woof? Very evocative footage, especially powerful/vivid to see with the
    vibrance of colour. Makes it all more real to those of us who still give a
    shit for one reason or another about such events and times. :)

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