Tatra Mountains


Best experience in HD and FullScreen. Turn up the sound on a good sound system / headphones! Filmed in the Polish High Tatra (Tatry Wysokie) in early Septemb…

Pierwszy z serii filmów Wonder of Poland. Nasz wrześniowy wypad w Tatry.
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  1. Hight Tatras are part of Carpathia range, highest peak is in Slovakia and
    most of the peaks are in Slovakia. Poland side of Tatras are beautiful too
    and harder for hiking because of northern side of Tatras.

  2. Beautiful video ! Nice montage and music :)) Excellent job.This year im
    going in winter to see that “beautie’s” covered in snow …

  3. Maks Walewski on

    Ineffably delightful (well, I had to look these words up in a dictionary).
    You really have a talent! :)

  4. At last! Some other really impressive new vid from Tatra Mountains! Really
    guys gr8 job and incredible shots there! I’ll even video response with my
    vid from Tatras if you like 🙂

  5. Mateusz Babilas on

    Obydwa utworu w filmie należą do Pana j sigsworth. Jak się dokładnie
    nazywają już nie pamiętam :)

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