Trip to Bratislava, Slovakia


It’s just a working visit to Bratislava (Slovakia). Instagram: Instagram: Web: http://www.medv…


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  1. think this,summer time,slovak students come to work and take the money back
    ther,to ur economy,will be good if we block this and not alowed to work
    here,as u try to block greece to chance not her self,but all europe?thats
    the differetn when u are think also for the others..i have been
    many times in SK..i know very well what i say..dobre rano..

  2. Richarddickinson on

    Beautiful City, will always be my home away from home such fond memories of
    when i lived there. Miss it so much!

  3. Miroslav Sedlak on

    yes its beautiful i know i live in Bratislava (Slovakia) ano je to
    prekrasne ja viem lebo tam byvam v Bratislave (slovensko)

  4. Looks a lot like Ljubljana, Slovenia. Except it’s about twice the size and
    therefore likely has more to see.

  5. Heyi am going to Bratislava in March 2014:) any tips of where should i go?
    I am there for 5 weeks so i have time to spent

  6. do you know what is really interesting? … That you foreigners know how to
    appreciate Bratislava and whole Slovakia better than us Slovaks – anyway
    beautiful video 🙂

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