Bratislava City Tour – Guía de Bratislava. Slovakia – Eslovaquia


In this episode Ruben Alonso visits Bratislava, capital of Slovakia also know as the Pearl of the Danube. We will discover its old town, the best city views …


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  1. More than 100 same style smalltown existing in Austria, Czechia, Germany,
    Hungary, Poland. The whole city is built by austrians, and settled the
    parlament of Hungary here many times across the centuries. The city from
    1000 to 1919, so more than 900 years belonged to Hungarian Kingdom – during
    the 16-17th Century it was the capital of Hungary and the the coronation
    town. The architecture of the city the vienesse baroque, very similar to
    cities like Wiener Neustadt, Linz, Győr or Sopron.
    From 1918, when the souvereign slovakian state founded together with
    Czechia the city builded as the secondary capital of Czechoslovakia (the
    primary was Prague). After 1993 the two country peacefully separated,
    Bratislava is the primary capital city of Slovakia…

  2. Tomas Ferreyra on

    Rubén me encantan tus videos. Saludos desde Argentina. Una pregunta como se
    llama la canción de fondo?

  3. Cristian R. Aviles on

    so i can’t buy an entire hotel with a nickel haha just kidding such a
    beatiful place, cheers from México 

  4. Zdenka Stráňaiová on

    Bratislava je hlavné mesto Slovenskej republiky.
    Milujem Slovensko – krajinu, v ktorej som sa narodila.
    Vo videu sprievodca hovorí po španielsky.
    Nerozumiem mu, ale priatelia hovoriaci španielskym jazykom budú určite
    : )
    Bratislava City Tour – Guía de Bratislava. Slovak…:

  5. Martin Sanchez on

    Que bonito país, puede decirme si en esa ciudad asesinaron a Reinhard
    Heydrich. el 27 MAY42.Gracias

  6. Congratulations for your national holiday today Slovakia
    Its the day of the slovak constitution from 1993
    Slovakia today is a main part of our european family
    Wish all slovak people all the best for the future from your friends in
    Germany <3

  7. Alexandra Antosova on

    No se llama cumil, sino čumil. en espanol sera chumil…pero en general,
    muy bien has presentado mi ciudad:)

  8. Simona Siebertova on

    You were in my city! Even I don´t think it´s that beautiful. Only beautiful
    it´s the old town. And do you know what means ,,the cumil” it´s a short
    term in slovak language for man who looks on you and you don´t like it 🙂
    Pero me gusta la forma en que hablaste de Bratislava :D

  9. Raffaele Colucci on

    ruben you live the bella vita!!!! i wish i could travel like you!! I’ve
    only been to 10 countries i hope i catch up to you!!!! god bless ya brother

  10. Excelente los videos y las visitas.. además muy concretos …gracias a sí
    se los puede llevar en el smarthphone y mostrar a los amigos, familiares
    etc… para preparar una visita si se animan…. Gracias por compartir
    tus visitas … buena explicación de cada lugar…………

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