Bratislava, Slovakia. As We Travel Europe: Country #22

25 – Bratislava, Slovakia. As We Travel Europe: Country #22 – Hosted by Sofia von Porat & Nathan Schacherer.


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  1. Filip Šebök on

    We have many kings since 871 Great Moravia (Svatopluk), later in Ungarn
    for 8 centuries all kings were crowned in Bratislava, and Bratislava was
    the capital of Ungarn monarchy 1536-1784. There was only Slovak kings since
    11 th century when Gejza I. Magnus was crowned. He was a son of Belo
    (Nitra´s earl) and Anastasia Jaroslavna (Kyiev. Rus). 

  2. my country and i love tha place when i went thwere there was a humnan real
    statuse and he scared me ahahahhahahha lol

  3. GTAmaster2011 on

    You might want to think about it again laszlo. You ugly huns moved to
    slavic land from mongolia and took part of our land, so basically, we’ve
    been here first. And about the flag, its hungarians who copied it. Yeah and
    you are right about the stolen territory and culture, and guess what? you
    are the ones that stole it! why? because you had NO territory and you did
    not have any culture so you had to take ours, isn’t that sad? .Your life is
    nothing more than a worthless piece of shit.

  4. good stuff! seems like not too many kiwis are taking off on OE’s these days
    so it’s tough to find a reliable source of info, i really appreciate your
    feedback! i’m trying to get as much money saved before feb and then i plan
    to grab a ticket, land in Paris and kinda wing it from there. it’s
    inspiring to know that nathan did it with only 100euro, and has lasted 8
    years haha! i’ve got 3months secured but hope to travel for over a year.
    cheers for the contact info, will no hear from me soon!

  5. Magyarvagyok Juhász on

    HAHAHA, your history is false, if you want I can tell all Slovakia history
    in a messenger, because slovakia never exist before 1920. If hungarian is
    mongol, you are mongol too, your poor slavic country is from magyar semen,
    all your culture, all your history, all your tradicions is from Hungary,

  6. Thanks guys for visiting my country . Hope you have great time, too bad you
    didnt stay longer . there is much more beautiful places to see . Thanks for
    the inspiration with your travels. I wish to be more adventurous as you are

  7. i’m probably abusing the privilege of commenting on your vids.. but i have
    so many questions! i’m desperate to get out and travel long term but no
    idea how i’m going to sustain myself financially.. do you guys work in
    between travel?? i haven’t completed my degree, so teaching english might
    be tough? i’ve been to SE asia once before, but it was brief. how do you
    fund your lifestyle? (assuming you weren’t born into affluence..) TY

  8. Magyarvagyok Juhász on

    Sorry, but the south of Slovakia is more Hungarian than Slovakia. Justice
    for Hungary!!! Vesszén Trianon!!!

  9. GTAmaster2011 on

    well if you think it was so, then we took part of YOUR land, so basically
    we won a battle for our independency. But i dont really give two fucks.
    History is something we can never take back, so it doesnt matter at all,
    what happened is what happened. Why dont you go out and get yourself a life
    instead of writting all those comments below slovakian videos? does it make
    you feel good when you say something bad about slovakia?

  10. ” Enjoy Bratislava. It’s good you came in summer, in winter it can get very
    depressing…” lolzzzzzzzzzz

  11. Magyarvagyok Juhász on

    HAHA, fuck with you mother. Do you know Atila? Donkey, the Hungarians were
    already in the region long age before you Slavs flee from russia. Search
    before believing in his poor history of country newly created.

  12. haha hey Mason no problem with the questions – always happy to help, you
    can contact us via email here if you want: aswetravel(dot)com/about – we
    fund our travels with our travel blog, earning money from advertisements
    etc. no other jobs for us – Nathan left NZ to Europe about 8 years ago with
    only 100euro in his pocket, no savings and no job plans – money shouldn’t
    be a reason to not travel – there are always options it just comes down to
    taking action and that first step. 🙂

  13. 777HEAD CRUSHER on


  14. Magyarvagyok Juhász on

    shut up trash, do you live in the same world as me. Can you see how the
    Hungarian minority in Slovakia is trated? Your country manipulates history,
    you never existed before 1920, or never had importance for being dumb.

  15. Magyarvagyok Juhász on

    Your army is no history, never was able to gain independence of the
    Hungarians, because you are stupid and stupid. The Hungarians gave blood to
    protect our kingdom to let it firm and strong, Americans and Russians to
    destroy everything. If the world is not fair, at least me having to speak
    badly about your country trash.

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