Iosif Ivanovici – Donauwellen Walzer (Waves of the Danube Waltz)


“Waves of the Danube” (Romanian: Valurile Dunării; German: Donauwellen; French: Flots du Danube; Russian: Дунайские Волны) is a waltz composed by Iosif Ivano…


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  1. pana la urma cred ca s-au convins toti cine este compozitorul,origine
    sarba,cetatenie romana(a fost maior in armata),nascut pe teritoriul
    ROMANIEI care din pacate atunci facea parte din imperiul austro-ungar nu
    ungar cum citeam un comentariu mai jos,dar intrucat notiunea de imperiu
    este perimata,trebuie admis faptul ca Timisoara=Romania,deci sa lasam
    chestiile nationaliste pentru alte postari,sa ne bucuram de muzica care
    acum apartine intregii lumi!

  2. Славољуб М. Илић on

    Јован Ивановић (румунски: Iosif Ivanovici,Ion Ivanovici такође: Jovan
    Ivanović, Josef Ivanovich) био је вођа војног оркестра и румунски
    композитор српског порекла.

  3. Richard Boudville on

    A major composition in my opinion. Many lovely parts cut out by so many
    performers. What an insult to the Composer! Always played it completely at
    my concert performances. Thank you Fledermaus1990 for this YouTube. Most
    From Perth, Western Australia.

  4. hm, i can’t beleive the pity “what nationality has this composer”. The
    great composers have only one nationality “eternal”:) enjoy the real

  5. Baron Weeren on

    Interesting that some puerile people here cannot get over whether Ivanovici
    was Romanian or Serbian or AustroHungarian or from the moon. Who cares? THe
    waltz is lovely and today Timisoara is a part of Romania. 

  6. Ionut Ovidiu Toader on

    To conclude this debate about who “owns” the poor man: He was a romanian
    composer and officer who was born in hungary and had serbian parents. The
    main idea is that he was a BRILIANT COMPOSER and the rest doesn’t really

  7. Well what i think its that music doesnt belong or b owned by anyone what i
    think is that we must enjoy 

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