No to NATO! Slovakians rally at US embassy in Bratislava


Around 500 protesters gathered for an anti-NATO protest in Bratislava on Thursday. The crowds were addressed by former Prime Minister Jan Carnogursky, who said he “didn’t want NATO bases in…
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  1. Sherezade 786 on

    Bravo to the proud people of Slovakia! All peoples of nations who are being
    forced into NATO servitude should speak up and let their leaders know
    enough is enough. Do no go against your brothers, for NATO is the devil
    with the smile and will lead you to the path of destruction as it has done
    with Ukraine! 

  2. Voice In The Static on

    As an American “yankee” I would like to apologize for the actions of my
    government. And if it were up to me, not only would there be no military
    units in eastern Europe right now, but also no military bases in Europe

  3. ivanolajozza on

    Oh here we go! Its the end of NATO!! In Bratislava they’re waving the
    soviet flag,all 400 of them!

  4. When will RT be given permission by the Kremlin to cover Putin’s untimely
    death on March 5, 2015? Yes, *KOOKS*, you heard me, Putin died on March 5,
    2015. Not only is Russia bankrupt from Putin’s theft of more than $200
    billion, it is now without a leader to replace the dictator who ruled with
    an iron fist, executing his political opponents (like the late Boris
    Nemtsov) and stealing from the impoverished Russian people. Let’s hope
    Putin’s death will bring the East and West closer, as we in the West have
    wanted since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

  5. Brian Griffin on

    Why would they print slogans in English in a non English speaking country?
    RT up to their old tricks again. I wonder how much it cost them to drum up
    support for this phony protest. 

  6. I’m American and I would say the same thing. It’s not our business in
    foreign soil. Unfortunately, our politician really wanted war over there.

  7. TheRetiredtrucker on

    RT Was Putin deposed by Sergei Ivanov? Is Putin hanging by his nipples in
    the basement of Lubyanka?

    The suspense is killing us …….

  8. Anguel Gutierrez on

    Guys apparently Vladimir Putin had a stroke and is now in a coma. He may
    not make it. 🙁 The west cries with you Russia, Putin was a great leader.
    RIP Czar Putin. 

  9. Where is Putin though? On russian internet they saying he’s dead and has
    midget cancer.
    Why RT not reporting on this? Russian media websites are having poll on why
    Putin has disappeared..
    -Plastic surgery

  10. RT Myths Debunked on

    Allow me to correct, *Most Slovaks are in favor of NATO. There are no
    permanent bases there, and they sure do love the free money* 

  11. GetHuge Fast on

    Listen RT, I want to move to moscow as my messages, videos and comments are
    sometimes being censored or blocked from spreading at the rate the rate
    they should be spreading at
    I was blocked from the SheikhImranHosein channel on youtube when I asked on
    details of how to go to Moscow in July(with my passonthetruth) account
    I want to get of this crappy little Island known as Britain and move to

  12. We should all pray that the tyrant Putin is dead or dying of some incurable
    Putin has plagued our planet for too long, and we need justice for all the
    people he has had killed. #IHopePutinIsDead

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