Invasion of Czechoslovakia 1939


March 15 German troops occupy the remaining part of Bohemia and Moravia; Czechoslovakia ceases to exist. On 16 March was established Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia. Music: All My Loved…
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  1. As I understand it they fought bravely after delegating their army against
    Germany, when they had invaded the Sudetenland, German speaking parts of
    the country. England and France, as well as the rest of Europe told the
    Czechs to stand down after Hitler promised to invade only those areas. They
    still never helped when he a short time later took over the whole country.
    They were standing alone. There`s a big difference between being brave, and
    being stupid. Just look at Lidice, that could have been the whole country.
    No doubt, Hitler should have been stopped way before he was,but he proves a
    good fact. Insanity is not the same as stupidity…

  2. I hope people still appreciate assistance and sacrifices made by the
    colonial forces who lived far from Europe’s conflicts. It was undeniably
    the humane action to take and involved complicated politics but I hope kids
    growing up here today understand why strangers came across the seas to help
    their grandparents fight a tyrannical political regime. Not to be confused
    with people of an entire nation. Especially current generations.
    I am currently visiting Europe and the thought is troubling me due to my
    familly sacrifice in these foreign wars. 

  3. Lukas Mestanek on

    It was a sad day ;( k Němcům cítíme nenavist dodnes!Na historii Německa se

  4. Not true there are Byzantine structures classical buildings from the
    Napoleonic architects, works from Brunelleschi the Italian and structures
    by noted Czechs Joze Plecnik & Alfons Mucha the Art Noveau Style was
    uniquely Czech it began 1889. Slavs had a rich established culture the
    Germans did nothing.

  5. Czechoslovakia has already actually ceased to exist in 1938 after the
    Munich shame and occupation by Poland, Germany and Hungary many territories
    of Czechoslovakia

  6. Czechoslovakia even from this bad film looks like a stately & elegant
    country with its architecture. But this film makes it seem as if this
    nation never put up a fight & just rolled over for the German invasion.
    Obviously some key facts are missing. WW2 is still causing border disputes
    even today. Oh well what’s past is prologue.

  7. Nechápu, jak po všech zvěrstvech, které spáchali němci jen od 19. st. mohou
    být vedoucím státem EU a být u moci. Němcům nevěřím a od dětství se s nima
    setkávám a stále mě jen utvrzují, že to je národ, kterému je povýšenecké
    chování vlastní. Jakožto obyvatel dřívějších sudet zde byly od mého dětství
    němci neustále a chovali se tu stále jako by jsme jim tu patřili. Nesnáším
    němce a zločiny, které spáchali na našich lidech a na našem státě jim nikdy

  8. All Germans have to pay for this. I am sure one day we are going to have
    our revenge. I have never understood why after the II WW we did not
    sterilized them. Sterilization of Germans was proposed but it never started.

  9. If England and France, as well as the USSR, would be ready to be at war
    for Czechoslovakia against Hitler the Second World War wouldn’t be

  10. So true. Hitler discovered he could get away with it. Next in line: Poland,
    Norway, The Netherlands, Belgium, France.

  11. Nikdo z nás na to nezapomene… tato kapitola našich dějin byla jedna ze
    spouštěcích mechanismů jedné mašinérie která nás přivedla do komunismu až
    sem kde jsme.

  12. Yes as if Stalin and the post WW2 years didn’t see Russian atrocities:
    Hungary and Czechoslovakia invaded in 56′ and ’68, the Cuban Missile
    Crisis, Afghanistan 1980 and their continued aid, training and re-arming of
    almost every Third World country. And Communist China, N. Korea, Angola and
    Vietnam of course. Haven’t you guys had enough?

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