KATY PERRY – Dark Horse (Bratislava 27.2.2015)


Prismatic World Tour, Slovnaft Arena, Bratislava 27.2.2015.

What song are you listening to? Bratislava, Slovakia

We asked random people of Bratislava what music they’re listening to at the moment. This is what happened. Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia, by the way;) Made by @blade_sk, @tscorbeaux,…


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  1. Lisa Chiapputo on

    Such a cool social experiment! Not only with the music, but how they
    responded to your question. Awesome!

  2. Michaliuz Solid on

    jak sme zaostali pocuvame sto rocne hitovky alebo uplne somariny ,cest
    vynimkam, skoda ze nikto z vymenovanych nepocuva trance:D

  3. Interesting
    …and very typical @ 4:03 … listening to ? … hockey, …
    and next one : hockey…. good music 😉
    What song are you listening to? Bratislava, Slovakia

  4. preco ste nepridali do videa aj poslednu pesnicku? mr. data, bring me a
    bottle of slivovitz? je to velmi kvalitna muzika 🙂

  5. SlovanskastranaRR on

    I am not a nationalist. I am a patriot and thats a big difference. I defend
    the truth. On the other hand you and people of your kind are blinded. You
    wouldnt accept the truth even if God himself would show it to you. And so
    you arent a partner for a rational and civilised discussion. Only thing I
    hear from you is ” you dont exist””your country doesnt exist” ” we build
    everything”. It like an Englishman would say tha English build everything
    in Scotland or Ireland. Blinded mind you are.

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