Tatra Mountain BigFoot Sighting


Tatra Mountain BigFoot Sighting

This Bigfoot Sighting was filmed in Tatra Mountain, Southern Poland in 2009 See more BigFoot Videos at: http://unexplained.co.
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  1. Unconvinced. I don’t see the big wide shoulders, and no cone head. Also, it
    looks like a man trying to act like a Bigfoot. See him looking around for
    animation effect. In other words, he’s a man trying to convince you that
    he’s actually a Bigfoot. It doesn’t work like that. Bigfoot doesn’t act for
    the camera. Leave us alone you troll. We’ve had enough. We want real stuff
    right now! The government is keeping it from us and we want it now!!!

  2. oh look a bigfoot let me shake the cam all over the fuking place. i want to
    believe in bigfoot really bad but them more i watch this shit like this the
    less i believe it

  3. OMG!!! WTF did you film this with? Patty was filmed 45 years ago and has
    better quality. Stop putting this crap up!!!

  4. Guess this channel is the SILENT version of FB/FB. Well, that’s ONE
    improvement, anyway. You guys are SO bad at this.. OR just fooling around.
    I think the latter. I hope so! Look, the arms are NOT any longer than a
    humans. It is only when he stoops forward that they appear to hang lower
    than the pelvis area. Plus, you can’t even see much more than the upper
    half of his legs. As for some fantasy creature turning its head, it is
    obviously the so-called BF’s shadow, behind the rocks. Get a REAL job,

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