Bojnice Castle, Bojnice (Slovakia) – Travel Guide


Take a tour of Bojnice Castle in Bojnice, Slovakia — part of the World’s Greatest Attractions travel video series by GeoBeats. Slovakia has numerous grand and elaborate castles, one such…
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  1. Hope to make it there as a day trip from Banska Stavinica. Any ideas how
    to get there besides the bus?

  2. SpaceKees011 on

    I’m so lucky to be born as a Slovak, for me Slovakia is the most beautiful
    and historic country of europ. <33<33 much love from Levice <33<33 ow and
    btw what does it matter who built the castle or which country it belongs it
    is our history and history of us all if your a slovak or a hungarian so why
    woud you argue -_-'' Bitch Pleas.. -_-''

  3. BosorkaBaska on

    Nice video about our beautiful castle 🙂 I live near to Bojnice and I may
    say, that this castle is one of the most beautiful and most romantic
    castles in central Europe. And to other comments.. you´re talking about
    unknown history of Slovakia? 😀 What is unknown? don´t be weird! You should
    know – our language wasn´t stolen from czechs, we both are slavic countries
    so our languages are similiar (other slavic countries with similiar
    language-Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia, Poland..)

  4. I was born in Slovakia and thus know Bojnice Castle well. Although I’ve
    been living in the Czech Republic for exactly thirty years, I’m very proud
    of having been born in such a beautiful country. Bojnice Castle is an
    amazing place worth a visit. You’ll feel like in a fairy tale.

  5. @DavidItzak Greetings to your bosses in the Jobbik and/or Fidesz party. You
    and your colleagues are doing a great job in promoting our Hungarian-blood
    cause all over the internet. Let us not forget our great goal – recoquering
    Great Hungary and restoring fas–ism. In other words, we are a very modern
    country and are proud for having come to Europe as looters and killers in
    the 9th century. Also, many greatings to our great leader Orban and his
    democratic system!

  6. Well i like Prievidza, my wife studied there in the hotelova academy
    (something like that) btw, im moving into SVK this november, i got my
    residence permit 🙂

  7. Robbert Michel on

    Bojnice is a great castle. I visited it last year, twice actually, when I
    found out that they also do night tours during the summer months, and thus
    stuck around for that as well. 🙂

  8. Katarina Olmarker on

    my absolutely most favourite castle in the world! I was born in the town of
    Bojnice and even though I don´t live in Slovakia anymore I visit the castle
    when I am there! Recommend to everyone!

  9. Formosus aedifex on

    DavidItzak is most probably some hungarian who hates slovaks. He spams his
    delusional thoughts of mentally disturb person all over Slovak forums, chat
    rooms etc. for more than 3 years. Maybe its some group of ppl who hate
    slovakia coz there are so.many comments from him, its almost impossible for
    working man to spend so much time on the internet . Anyway feel sorry for
    him (them).

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