My Classic Car Season 16 Episode 2 – Jay Leno’s Tatra & Lambo


On this episode of My Classic Car, Dennis heads back to Jay Leno’s to go for a spin in his Tatra T87 and Lamborghini Miura. Plus, he’ll get some insight into the world of reproduction parts….
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  1. yeaahh sure Jay …Ledwinka did not speak Czechoslovakian ..:-)) well
    ,could not ,this kinda of language do not exist 🙂
    other side of Tatra mountains ? I dont think so ….Tatra mountains are in
    eastern Slovakia ,north with Polish border.Ledwinka went to Korpivnice
    ,because it was a german speaking sudetenland area city of
    Czechoslovakia.Well Hans Ledwinka was very good engineer ,he was jailed
    after the war ,for alledge cooperation with Nazi germans ,but he as a
    director ,had to do it .Ledwinka was a very talented,and yes ,he sued
    Porsche and won ,.!

  2. Hans Ledwinka was Czech citizen, although that he was born in Austria, he
    lived in Czechoslovakia 20 years or thereabout … and spoke Czech, just as
    Ferdinand Porsche, who was Czech born [and Czech citizen], spoke Czech.

    By the way, Hans Ledwinka didn’t sue Porsche for breach of Tatra patents,
    Tatra did … and they have won the case against Porsche in 1957 and
    settled out of court. Ledwinka has co-designed VW with Ferdinand Porsche
    [and both Porsche and Ledwinka were Hitler’s personal friends, which
    is somehow omitted from the VW / Porsche historical accounts]. Unlike
    Porsche, Hans Ledwinka has returned back to Czechoslovakia, when the war
    ended …. and was promptly locked up for 5 years … for collaboration
    with the enemy of state [and rightly so, he was member of Nazi Party].
    With regards to Tatra cars [which Hitler regarded as Czech secret weapon]?
    Tatra 87 was the GT car of the era [one of the fastest cars of the period]
    … it could do 100 mph on German autobahns …. and at that speed, in
    cross winds, it did have the tendency to fly off. 

  3. Wilbur Snaffel on

    Mica Roman, from ” The Fast Lane Car ” recently drove a 1968 Tatra model
    603 from the Czech Republic to Pebble Beach, or at least he tried to. It
    was in beautiful condition.
    After putting it on a boat, it was delivered to the Port of Baltimore. He
    had intended to show it at Pebble Beach, but he was snubbed by the snotty,
    self-absorbed officials. He drove the car all the way across the continent,
    with it’s air cooled, hemi (!), rear engine, and a 4 speed column shift
    transmission. No other car at pebble beach could have competed in the
    category. The entire project was funded primarily by private contributions.
    I respect Jay and his love of cars, however, he has been the “grand puba ”
    at Pebble Beach in the past, and I would like to think that he would
    support the little guy in his effort to make the show. It would be
    appropriate for Jay to tell the Pebble Beach committee to kiss his ass, and
    bad mouth their complicity supporting the rich & famous. I would like to
    show up with my 1979 Pinto wagon and crash the gate(s), do a little
    drifting on the immaculate lawn, and leave town back to Indiana.

  4. I totally agree. Who in their right mind would buy re-production parts from
    a company in China, of all places? Australia, perhaps, if the car was built
    there. Germany perhaps, if the car was built in Germany. Japan, perhaps, if
    the car was built there. But China? *Hell* no! Particularly if it’s a part
    for an American car that’s being restored or modified.

  5. Jay you really put straps on that car???? That is the best your crew could
    come up with straps? Dude………. :o(

  6. Norbert Pešek on

    Well,boys..just forgive to Mr. Leno his poor knowledges about European
    geography!!Many Americans don´t know that some Europa exist!!

  7. The Tatra Mountains are not between “czechoslovakia” and germany . It’s not
    even “mountains”, just one mountain and it’s located in todays southeast
    “slovakia”, around 250 km from the place the video said it is.

  8. For me, what both have in common is that I’ve never seen either in person.
    I’ve never seen either the Lamborghini Miura or the Tatra T87 in person.
    I’ve always wanted to go for a ride in both of them. I love the
    trafficators on the Tatra T87. :)

  9. CaptHollister on

    @Frank Lamps Oh no ! Jay got some geography wrong ! So everything else he
    says is just stupid and wrong, right ? while the pedant goes on and on
    about that, to the rest of us Jay may have the occasional brain fart, but
    he sure knows his cars and motorcycles. He doesn’t hesitate to get his
    hands dirty working on them because he happens to be a very knowledgeable
    mechanic. That gets him a lot of respect. Now all he has to do is brush up
    on central European geography and languages and everyone will be happy. As
    for the subject at hand: early Tatras are interesting cars, but let’s get
    something straight: swingaxles are just a bad design, especially in a fast
    car. They probably killed more people than any single other car feature.
    Mr.Ledwinka should be slapped in the back of the head for inventing them.
    Btw, you misspelled Hans Ledwinka’s name… 

  10. schlusselmensch on

    Despite Jay’s twin OHC description I believe the Tatra was single OHC and
    in fact looks virtually identical to the setup that the air-cooled NSU
    fours used years later.

  11. Tatra air cooled diesels are some of the most reliable,powerful engines
    as Dakar rally trucks prove..wonder why aren’t these more common??


  12. Hello from Czech Republic 🙂 btw noone ever has spoken czechoslovakian its
    two nations you can speak czech or slovakian…but big up for bringing this
    amazing piece of our engineering history to the world

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