06 Eurotrip Bratislava, Slovakia


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U.D.O. – Decadent Tour 2015 MMC 8.3.2015 Bratislava.


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  1. this isnt that far from the truth. I was out there in Eastern Europe in
    2012 and 2013. That place looked like shit, especially as you venture out
    into the country. I swear to god. Those people haven’t even heard of
    plumbing or electricity. But they tell me one of their guys invented
    electricity. Even western Europe isn’t all that developed. They are like
    1950s America. Out of all those places, Moscow was the only city out there
    that looked like USA. Probably because they have been robing and pillaging
    the eastern europe for the last hundred years. The rest of that place is a
    shit hole. Europe I mean. Especially eastern Europe.

  2. Wtf the fucking Czech director of this movie didn’t make this a Prague ?
    Czechs are mother fuckers like that,that’s why we so happy that we got rid
    off them .Fuck the czech assholes trying to make us look bad .

  3. i felt like them when i visited Ukraine. The biggest shithole i have ever
    seen was in Crimea. I don’t want to know how russia looks… it must be

  4. Matthew Murin on

    This movie was such a funny but. I’m originally from Slovakia and this part
    of movie was totally bullshits !!!! Slovakia is beautiful country…use
    Google maps and will see 

  5. Wolfgang Heilbrunner on

    Bratislava is just an hour from Vienna. I’s not Paris or Berlin, but it’s
    way beyond the average American suburbia craphole.

  6. BrianRichterTV2013 on

    People take this way too seriously. Come on, we know it’s not really
    Bratislava. Never been there, but I surely know it does look nothing like
    this. Don’t take this scene too seriously, it’s just a funny comedy.

  7. Felzethronics on

    Nedivim se, že to slováky urazilo 😀 je to natáčený v milovicích v
    opuštěnym sovětskym vojenskym prostoru nedaleko mácháče. Po lese tam
    existuje desítky opuštěnejch baráků, ve kterejch nikdo nežije vypadá to jak
    černobyl, doporučuju navštívit :-)

  8. Ivetta Zastava on

    that is how I felt when I went to NYC and took a train into queens, I was
    like holly fuck what happened!! then a rode trip around some cities in
    ohio and indiana and it looks post-apocalyptic

  9. Seymore Butts on

    usually the peripheral parts of cities in eastern europe indeed look like
    this. bulgaria, ukraine, russia. about bratislava i think it got better
    now, but 10 years ago it was pretty much like this as well

  10. This is funny as hell 😀 I love eastern europe and I have been to
    Bratislava and it is a very nice and friendly city.

  11. Namira Kamainen on

    To me is interesting the fact that everyone reacts to those Americans..
    Like “I know your country, I love your country, welcome, I´m completely
    dumb person, I dreamt about living in your country, love you again, bye..”
    Not just this one, I´ve seen it in many other films.. ._.

  12. Michaela Zelenková on

    I hate this movie.. this scene was not even filmed in Slovakia. F*** those
    who made this movie!!! 

  13. Francisco Flores on

    My girlfriend is from Bratislava and found this to be really funny. It’s a
    comedy film…not meant to be taken seriously. Most Americans know that
    Bratislava/Slovakia is nothing like this…heck we have areas here in the
    US that make this clip look like a resort. This type of portrayal is given
    to US cities/States too! Not all of Michigan looks like Downtown Detroit
    and Not all of Los Angeles is full of gang members! Movies like this
    aren’t meant to be taken seriously! So please don’t get so offended! =D
    Cheers friends! 

  14. Oh My GOSH. The poor things! It looks like life in Bratislava is horrible!!
    Its so ugly depressing and makes me want to cry!!!

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