1942 – Hidden History of Slovakia / Part I.


The story of how Jews came to be on trains to Auschwitz is one of the most shocking and surprising in the history of the Nazis’ “Final Solution.” The people on these trains were from Slovakia…
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  1. Its tragic that Slovakian first attempt to form independent Slovak state
    was made with the “help” of the Nazis propaganda. This mistake will stay
    like a scar forever in Slovak history and those who really understand it
    will never recognize Slovak state prior to year 1993. Unfortunately many
    Slovaks till this day claim that, 1942 state was a great part of Slovak
    history and that it were high times for Slovakian people. Only that those
    who say it, somehow forgot that many of those Slovaks were also Jewish,
    Roma and other people who represented minorities which were persecuted…

  2. Kamil Polański on

    Slovaks invaded Poland together with Hitler in 1939. – biggest mistake of
    so young country … biggest mistake of Tiso.

  3. @highschoolmusical841 well… that wasnt serious 🙂 it was only a joke,
    like slovakia has no king, only burger king. got it?

  4. @Kotinka Ukrajinian and Jew-Khazarian nationalists UPA and Bandera were
    going village from village murdering, raping, crusifying, cutting …. each
    Polish they found. Who had Polish wife or kids, he killed them !!!!!! In
    1944 – 45 made genocide Poles nationalistic gangs like ” Ogieň ” killing
    and expeling autochthonous Slovaks from ” north ” Orava and Spiš which
    Poland temporary occupy till now.

  5. to explain the holocaust is as impossible as to comprehend the silly laugh
    of that ex hlinka guard when he talks about taking shoes of the jews he
    most certainly knew were going to die…perhaps that is what happens when
    us humans manage to vilify a people to the extent where it becomes easy to
    do all these terrible things you were told never to do…after all they
    told you that “they” were not humans like you…

  6. It’s unbelievable..someone from GB, someone from state which sold ally /
    Czecho-Slovakia/ to Hitler, from state which let without help other ally
    Poland…someone who have no idea about situation in this part of Europe in
    1938 – 1945..is our judge

  7. Hello my friend, I’m a Romanian and I can tell you for sure that “Radu
    Popescu” is not. He’s just a Hungarian extremist that wants to propagate
    hate between Romanians and Slovaks, which, of course, will never happen’.
    Greetings from Romania to our Slovak friends!

  8. AntiFascist2011 on

    I’m a Catholic Christian and I’m nationalistic in a cultural (not racist)
    sense. But I totally despise Nazism/Fascism and the Holocaust and I support
    the Jewish people. Nazism/Fascism was an abomination and marked a break
    from Catholic Christian civilization. Nazism/Fascism arose out of Socialism
    and the threat to nationality from Communism (International Socialism).
    Mussolini was a Socialist Atheist who embraced Nationalism as a means to
    gain power. The Nazis were obsessed with the Occult.

  9. LegionnaireScout on

    we dont hate our brothers, we owe nothing to anybody, they helped true, but
    it was our own iniciative to be free of Austrohungary, what do you think
    that one day czech´s looked at us (in your yey´s, a band of lazy, drunk,
    aggresive and stupid exuses of humans) and gave us Slovakia ?! you´r just
    an ignorant hatter

  10. Hello my Slovak friend! You’re smart enough to find out that the scumbag
    “Radu Popescu” is a fake Romanian. The truth is that he’s a Hungarian
    extremist because of various reasons revealed by his comment. Romanians
    shares the same experiences with the Slovaks related to the Hungarian
    extremists, which is unfortunate for everyone and resides in the fact that
    they have extremists in power in their country. In any event…they don’t
    represent a threat for us because they are extremely weak.

  11. GodISTHEJudge on

    all you people stop the hate! Slovaks you have a Christian cross on your
    flag, i want the Slovaks to come to Christ Jesus who is Mighty to save, but
    not only them bu the WHOLE world to be saved! if you call yourself a
    Christian and yet hate and have no love, repent turn away from your sinful
    lifestyle, treat other with respect! repent and trust in Jesus as your LORD
    and Saviour! there is no benefit in all of this! those who have hated have
    committed murder in their heart says Jesus in the Bible!

  12. ChristisRisen on

    @AmericanFenian ok then that is interesting, because Jesus is what I am
    proud of to have in my life, and He is miles ahead of everything else that
    i have and am proud of, and everything else is 2nd, and yes I am proud of
    being a Slovak i get up to watch Slovakia play football haha, i was happy
    that they made the world cup last year.

  13. LegionnaireScout on

    @napocanewsGB fine you think I´m a subhuman ? do you ? well gues what I
    think about you …. thats right, that you are a gypsie, you are just a
    transfer-stop for gypsies, we have a word for gypsies the word is ´´Rom´´,
    I dont know how about you but thats to similar to Romania, if you arent a
    dacian than you are a gypsie, you are the uneducated person here, you are
    just stupid, what do you know about genetics ?! and Romania in the
    Carpathian basin ?!?!?!? WHAT ?! and in the 13th century ?! hahaha

  14. LegionnaireScout on

    The event of magyarization started when the hungarian parliament ( I´m not
    shure if it was a parliament back then, but you get the picture ) found out
    that the population of hungarians started a decline and all other
    nationalities in great Hungary started to rise in numbers, they feared
    maybe that if it would go on like that Hungary would perisch, they took up
    the way of forced anexation, simply put brainwashing the population and
    turning them into hungarians, they didnt look on blood back then.

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