Pharrell Williams – Happy (We are from Trenčín, Slovakia)


Účinkujú : TWiiNS, Richard Rybníček, Martin Škrtel, Freerun Slovakia, AS Trenčín, Pavol Seriš a mnohí ďalší … Milujeme Trenčín!!! :))…

All about Slovakia: Erasmus presentation of Slovak Republic, created and displayed in Pecs, March 2012.
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  1. Craven Lestat on

    Why is it I find everybody in foreign countries WAYYYY!!! better looking
    than the females in the United States.Hmmmm.Our country is turning into a
    bunch of soft lazy wussies who have lives that consist of being cellphone
    zombies,riding to the store even if it is 2 minutes from their house
    instead of walking,taking dodgeball out of schools because it is to
    dangerous.Removing shop class from school so our kids are even more of
    pansy idiots.Every town has 20 different fast food resteraunts,every low
    income neighborhood has 5 liquor stores conveniently located next to or
    near bail bonds offices.Fuck I hate this country bunch of damn pussies.Give
    me a good Russian woman or Japanese, Chinese whatever…

  2. Кирилл Глебов on

    WOW! Trenčín is a very clear town… I live in a town with a bad ecology,
    that’s why I want to live here, in Slovakia… I want too see this in real
    life! You must be happy!

  3. Leonardo Arias on

    The best girls of the entire world are in Eastern Europe!
    (Included Slovakia ♥ of course)


  4. na tomto videu vyzerá Trenčín ako mesto v ktorom by som chcel žit 😀 😀
    bohužial v ňom žijem a viem, že není také happy

  5. Marian Cihoň on

    Kks, co tak natocit Harlem Shake? Ten je este viac out ako Happy. Cim viac
    videi Happy zo Slovenska, tym viac mam dojem, ze to je krajina tretieho
    sveta, ktora sa o podobnych akciach este len dozvedela… Smutne.

  6. Hussain shammari on

    I really love Slovak republic , you can be happy there really beautiful
    nature friendly people what else you need to be happy ,

  7. The town formerly known as Trencseny, Hungary until 1920. Slovakia is known
    as a country since 1992. Until then it did not even exist.
    In this country if you speak Hungarian, you can be fined up to 5000 Euros.
    In this country if you are an ethnic Hungarian and want to take Hungarian
    citizenship, the Slovakian state will forfeit your Slovakian citizenship
    even though the ethnic Hungarian person was born in Slovakia, speaks fluent
    Slovakian and never committed a crime against Slovakia.
    This country builds walls around Gypsy neighborhoods for ‘security reasons’.
    And yes, this country still can be part of the European Soviet Union.
    Be happy until someone normal comes along and change things in the European
    Soviet Union. After that you will not be that happy.

  8. Daniela Haulikova on

    Tá ,,Zuzana” svojím menom Martina Moravcová to ma dojalo. To autor nemôže
    urobiť nápravu? Video je super no chyby treba opraviť!!!

  9. Slovakia is Russian Federations’ little brother that is caught in the
    middle of U.S euro influenced bully 

  10. Pekné video naozaj, ale prečo Slovensko na začiatku preboha prezentujte ako
    nejakú čiernu dieru tam kdesi.

  11. Jozef Raschmann on

    a kde je slovanska kultura, tradicie a folklor? namiesto idiotov zo
    showbiznisu a getta indoeuropanov? uz len nelegalne skladky a bordeli kde
    sa nase devi predavaju uz za 20 euro tam chybaju!

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