slovakia vs italy highlights


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  1. Italy have always been unsportsmanlike. They flop, they whine, they
    complain and play dirtier more so than any other national team I can think
    of. No class. 

  2. chilenoecorazon on

    The best match of south africa 2010, and one the best matches in the
    history of the fifa world cup!!

  3. buffon would of stopped all 3 goals marchetti sucks and screwed italy we
    could of easily finished with 7 points allowed a shit goal against new

  4. Two hard decisions and both against us. We have to score 5 goals to have 3
    counted. Now that the goal line technology will erase similar shameful
    decisions i wonder what this cunt Blatter will discover to have us lose to
    a bunch of nobodies.

  5. Ilin Simonovski on

    Whoa…Italy is a four time world champion,had more titles than Germany,and
    now they are staying in group stage…Just like today’s year,they beat
    England,but lost to Costa Rica and Uruguay.

  6. Assahssinangolanno on

    I’m Italian but I simply despise my national team, I hope that a similar
    debacle will happen in this world cup! GO GHANA!

  7. we lost because the fucker of Lippi called the Juventus players
    (,Camoranesi,Cannavaro,Chiellini,Grosso and others after the shitty season
    of juve 2009-2010) and Juventus is shit at the cups international because
    they haven’t the help of refs how in Italy . Fuck Juventus’s mafia.

  8. You HAD the 2006 squad… just four years older. Lippi payed the price
    really for so faithfully sticking with a side that was already ageing by
    the time they won the World Cup in Germany. It wasn’t ever going to be
    pretty in South Africa, but okay – a group stage exit was still earlier
    than I anticipated. I thought that the second stage would be the terminus.

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