James Last Blue Danube Waltz Johan Strauss .wmv


James Last Blue Danube Waltz Johan Strauss .wmv

James Last The Great Waltz An der Schonen Blauen Don This one I think originally by Johan Strauss Vienna I like the James Last arrangement.
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  1. Henry Libo-on on

    The sound is so crisp, alive and so Johann Strauss. My father used to keep
    a vinyl 33 long playing album of James Last.

  2. John Buentelo on

    To: SSMUSIC214…guess the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra is fake, too.
    You need to learn to appreciate others talents. What are yours? Could you
    make a better arrangement? I have never seen or heard of your
    accomplishments in the field of music; however, if you are into composing,
    and made an arrangement of this piece, it, too, would be fake.

  3. Hugo Gonzalez on

    Gracias a James Last, muchas gracias por tu aporte a nuestra música y por
    supuesto a tus músicos.Hugonlez

  4. Giovan battista calabria on

    Vorrei poter fare un salto indietro nel tempo , ma possiamo solo immaginare
    come si viveva in quel contesto regale nelle corti austriache e non solo .

  5. Alexander Pollayil on

    I am very happy that you liked it, Thanks to Ansi. If you need I can send
    you the original track of this from My James Last collection in wave format
    which is 12 minute. I also have other James last collection for Christmas
    on my youtube pollayilalex have a wonderful holidays.

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