The Danube – a river with stories to tell – Part I


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Malakhov with Vienna State Opera Ballet (2002 Vienna New Year’s Concert)
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  1. Nathanael-Osirius Woggon on

    Great work!
    After watching this movie I can not wait to start walking down the

  2. Anabela Rijo on

    *The Blue Danube …*

    +rick van elswijk *You have seen the river, so you can listen here, it’s
    beautiful music ….*

  3. No matter whatothers criticise about this rendition, I just close my eyes,
    listen to the music and remember back 45 years ago when I used to dance in
    Ballroom Competitions with quite a number of 1st place under my belt

  4. Ольга Душакова on

    Niech się rozweselą pustynia i spieczona ziemia,niech się raduje step i
    niech rozkwitnie!(Iz.35,1).

  5. stanisława Osowska on

    Niech się rozweselą pustynia i spieczona ziemia,niech się raduje step i
    niech rozkwitnie!(Iz.35,1).

  6. The composer is Johann Strauss Jr. The conductor is Seiji Ozawa. I have no
    idea who Vladimir Malakhov is.

  7. kinda disjointed conducting 😛 At the end when it showed the conducting of
    the crescendo you could see the orchestra weren’t really responding. I
    think it’s their fault 😛 They were running on their own sense of how it
    should be. Or, I’m wrong. Just how it appears to an interested
    working-class shitmuncher.

  8. I think the Russian name is the name of the lead dancer. This is the
    Russian Ballet I think and the conductor is from Japan. I am 99.9% positive
    on this.

  9. Happy New Year…yes we are the poor part of Europe its not our
    fault…Thank you Austro Hungarian Empire.Thank you Russia and as allways
    thank you Germany) Thanks for the music:) As long its legal..who knows
    maybe in the neaerest future some arab will claim it against their
    religion?And what We will do next?….Happy New Year so far its still
    politically correct:) Regards.Pozdrawiam:)

  10. You are !!!!STUPID!!!!! with comments like that. But then, you must be what
    in your terminology, you call yourselves !!! A Red Neck!!!

  11. Susan Eyer-Anderson on

    Perfection… I can’t help myself…I have to say this: 1:35 looks like
    Richard Thomas!! (Johnboy Walton)

  12. I always chuckle to myself when seeing the waltz. This was only listened to
    and danced to by the youth of that generation and was considered quite
    decadant by the older generation. Things never change, only the music and
    the dance.

  13. A little late, but I agree. I took ballet at a young age, although it was
    not for long enough. The female is usually the attraction, but I also was
    drawn to these beautiful and graceful men dancers. They were unusually
    masculine but graceful. Beautiful

  14. Location ist die große Säulehalle des Wiener Parlaments, mit Malakhov tanzt
    Eva Petters, damals Erste Solotänzerin der Wiener Staatsoper. Weitere
    Solistinnen und Solisten sind Simona Noja, Roswitha Over und Gregor Hatala.
    Die Kostüme der Damen wurden wie bei fast jedem Neujahrskonzert bzw. bei
    den Balletteinlagen des Opernballs von Annette Beaufays, Leiterin von Art
    for Art – Kostümwerkstätten der Österreichischen Bundestheater entworfen.

  15. Mad 187 Dance Skills on

    @mullerheinrich Yeah, that’s Seiji Ozawa. He conducts the “Boston Pops”
    orchrestra broadcast on the A&E Channel for 4th of July fireworks displays
    amongst other things.

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