Blue Danube Waltz – New Year’s Concert 2012 – Vienna Philharmonic


Mariss Jansons Conductor.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

The part about Danube Delta, in Des Racines et Des Ailes show, on French TV.


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  1. Christopher Beaumont on

    Excellent Shot of the String Players Music at 0.16 seconds. Notice the
    section in Blue – where a Repeat is to be Omitted?? The Blue Section being
    the “1st Time Bar”??

  2. A classical classical piece at # 3378 from Johann Strauss and the relaxing
    “Blue Danube Waltz”. The Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra has historically
    played this piece each New Year’s Day while most of us sit and watch
    college bowl games. Now is this cultural or what? 

  3. Vivian Ganou on

    Φανταστική εκτέλεση,υπέροχοι χρωματισμοί,σωστοί τονισμοί!Απολαυστική
    συναυλία από μια τόσο ταλαντούχα ορχήστρα!

  4. Luba Bukovska on

    it`s the best music!!! it`ll be forever `n` I love it!!! it`s my favourite
    waltz… super! – it`s all that I can say now `bout it…

  5. bala venkata subramaniam durbha on

    I would love to die listening this just fantastici do not have enoigh words
    to appreciate

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