Herbert von Karajan conducts The Blue Danube Waltz


Herbert von Karajan conducts The Blue Danube Waltz by johann strauss jr.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

This cartoon was converted from a VCR to mp4 which was part of some old video I was getting rid of. This is a wonderful cartoon and a joy to watch.
Video Rating: 4 / 5


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  1. Κοραλία Τρικαλιώτη on

    Ονειρικό…πιρουέτες όλη νύχτα; Ωωωω ναι…….

  2. Tested Truths on

    Hey, french horns with kettle drums, a strong bass, and lilting violins!
    Lilting? What is happening to me? 

  3. Lamberto Baccioni on

    La musica è la cosa più vicina all’anima che l’uomo sia riuscito a creare:
    ne esprime gli stati, ne suscita le emozioni, ne attenua le sofferenze. La
    musica ignora i limiti di tempo e di spazio. 

  4. carlos zamitiz quechol on

    siempre me impresiona el carácter del enorme maestro karajan cuando
    reconozco su infinita calidad como director

  5. Thomas William Ruston on

    Karajan also conducted the recording of the Blue Danube Waltz used in
    Kubrick’s 2001. A real master. 

  6. So happy to find this! brings back a particular sweet memory watching this
    with my Mom in the early 60’s. Bravo!

  7. I also had it on videocassette 🙂 Here in Austria, at midnight on New
    Year’s Eve, we listen to the Blue Danube and dance, it is a must. Actually,
    if you’re in Austria around Christmas, you’ll hear it many times… But the
    cartoon is special <3 So happy New year! 

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