revolution in czechoslovakia 1989


this video is about revolution in czechoslovakia against communism in 1989.
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Soviets Invade Czechoslovakian Capital (1968). A Day that Shook the World. On 21 August 1968, Soviet tanks ended the so-called ‘Prague Spring’ when they rolled into the Czechoslovakian capital…
Video Rating: 4 / 5


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  1. FreedomforEuropa21stCentury on

    I am pretty sure not as much as the Soviets, one of my ancestors was shot
    in the head by Nazi, but many of my people were also killed by the Soviet.

  2. Shut up, you asshole. Have you ever been at those demonstrations? No! Those
    bastards tried to kill us! We wasn’t able to help each other!

  3. @CKinfidel – You have one problem in USA USA is run by self aware Power
    elites taking them down will require Millions dead in USA and it may not be

  4. Arvind Thatikonda on

    For all those, the green uniforms but without them, who’s beaten and
    oppressed. Shame. The truth still win! – The english translation

  5. That’s not true. For your info: It has always been a shopping mall. It used
    to be called “Máj” before 1989, then KMart, then Tesco, and now it’s “Máj”
    again, spelled “My” but pronounced the same as before 1989.

  6. Gonna happen in America soon me thinks, all this commie Alinsky crap. Hey
    Chech’s my friends help us make America free again!

  7. SebastianEngland on

    I remember when it was Kmart on through to Teskers. Máj huh? I’ll have to
    check that out today…and don’t get so uptight about shopping centres,

  8. SebastianEngland on

    No, I’ve lived here for almost 10 years now. And check your facts mate,
    look where I’m from, as well as your spelling.

  9. Streetway ST on

    @ldl272 Yes important thing for you and your country is, never forget what
    does communism really means and what this system cost us.

  10. sietube2008 . . . The Velvet Revolution was not so called because of a lack
    of violence . . . but rather because not a single person was killed . . .
    an absolutely astounding fact when you consider the bloodshed during
    virtually all other revolutions! It was an amazing event in history . . . I
    lived in Czechoslovakia from early 1991 to 1994 . . . I miss it deeply.

  11. fraska, cele toto. kto si mysli ze to tito ludia “vybojovali” “demokraciu”,
    tak ma skvely, jednoduchy zivot. trapne sacacky a trosku vody. cele

  12. Richtig das die Tschen paar aufs Maul bekommen haben.
    Nationlismus wird immer bestraft.
    Ein Sudetendeutscher

  13. Death to brezhenvist and khrushchevist revisionism! Long live Socialist
    People’s Republic of Albania nad Enver Hoxha!

  14. Johanes Green on

    Dont forget Alexander Dubcek was murdered after “Velvet revolution” by STB
    because he didnt want to give permission for stealing and selling all state

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