Vienna and the Danube


For centuries, Vienna was the crown jewel of the rich and powerful Habsburg Empire. A century after that empire’s fall, the Viennese appreciate their imperial legacy as a cultural wellspring…
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  1. Albertina Travassos on

    To you dear friends like to share with all of you Austria and their culture
    it is wonderful romantic, history musical palaces,and much more ! 

  2. Very imformative…Going to Vienna on the 29/12/14 for my sons 21st…lots
    to look at and enjoy…although we are going to be knackered when we get
    there after our normal hectic Xmas…Great video..really enjoyed

  3. Just got back from Vienna. Really enjoyed it, New year celebrations
    brilliant, very well organised. Lots of Museums, shops, bars, restaraunts
    to enjoy. Would definitely recommend.

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