Slovak Mountains



The Slovacka suita was composed in 1903 by the Czech neo-romanticist Vítězslav Novák. The painting is called “Among the Sierra Nevada Mountains” by Albert Bierstadt, painted in 1868. Conductor:…
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  1. LOUISANNA .P on

    the chruch organ always sounds soo deep.
    deep dark deep dark deep dark deep dark
    in love with it.

  2. Heard this for the first time today on Classic FM… very impressive. A
    little like listening to RVW with reading glasses… if that makes any
    sense to anybody.

  3. thank you so much for upliting this – only heard it for the first time
    today on an old cd I have played – it was only the first part – so sort it
    out on YouTube and you have the whole compostion. Wonderful. Thank you so
    much for posting. He must have been amazing composer to write such a piece
    when Europe was just about to go into the cauldron of fire. Thank you so
    much. I loved this piece. very peace-evoking for sure.

  4. Have you considered uploading Novak’s tone poem “In the Tatra Mountains”?
    It’s a great piece and no one has put it on YT? Thanks for this though.

  5. I was actually considering it a few days ago, but never got around to it.
    It’s passed midnight at this very moment and I can guarantee that I’ll
    forget about it in the morning. I apologize for my extreme laziness. A flac
    copy of that piece came with this one, though they’re hosted on Rapidshare,
    which is generally slow as hell.

  6. casterlanus10 on

    I have always loved this music since hearing for the first time many years
    ago. I must congratulate you on using this picture, it is a glorious

  7. just heard this today in the car for like 2 minutes and thought I MUST HEAR
    IT AGAIN screenshot my phone and here i am…

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