TATRA PHOENIX EURO6 – Zcela nová Tatra Phoenix Euro6


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This compilation was filmed MORE TRIPS MADE IN CZECH IN THESE COMPETITIONS HEAVY TRUCK. IN MY COUNTRY ROMANIA they were all buried with the trucking industry. . ALL RIGHTS …
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  1. JZD - Jsme Zde Doma on

    Nová Tatra, v pořadí již čtvrtá, bude tahač. Ta to Tatra byla zapůjčená na
    den otevřených dveří.

  2. Ich liebe den Tatra 8×8,denn es gibt kein Terrain wo er nicht lang kommt.
    Dazu kommt noch der Tiefe bullige Sound des Motors. Einfach geil. Am besten
    sind die Old School Tatras wo die schwarzen Wolken nur so rausgerotzt
    werden. Für die einen Luftverpester,für mich jedoch einer der schönsten
    LKW’s der Welt. Scheiß auf Actros oder MAN.

  3. @dirtTdude,Americans better Offroaders. Sorry but i have a Laughing Flash!
    Tatra has begin constructed Offroad Trucks @1925! Also at a Time where no
    Trial Festival was! And The Concept is Working wonderful or better said
    Perfect. What have you in America? Peterbilt,Kenworth,Western Star or Mack
    and Freightliner. Sorry but for me are that only Toys with much Chrome. But
    no Offroad Trucks. The First Place in The World is Tatra! After Tatra is
    coming Mercedes and DAF. And following is MAN. 

  4. Foarte tare frate. Te pricepi la transmisia 8×8? Nicicum n-am gasit cate
    diferentiale are, si cum se blocheaza.

  5. y luego yo pagando 200 euros de impuesto de circulacion…para que estos
    cabrones en un momento contaminen msa que yo en toda mi vida!

  6. leopold klop on

    1. Where do they get these shit drivers from ? 2. Why are these assholes
    always blowing the horn ? 3. Who makes these shit bald tires ?

  7. Great video and good job. Thank you. You must love trucks and trucktrial.
    Just for your information, in your movie is lot of TATRA 813 8×8 KOLOS, not
    815 8×8. Are diferent and 813 is older. For trucktrial cheaper but really

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