Slovakia: Lavrov marks 70th anniversary of Bratislava’s liberation from Nazi occupation


Slovakia: Lavrov marks 70th anniversary of Bratislava's liberation from Nazi occupation

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, together with Slovakian officials, took part in events at the Slavin memorial monument and military cemetery in Bratislava, Saturday, to commemorate…

Ondrej Duda Goal. Slovakia – Czech Republic 1-0 Slovensko – Česko 1-0 Slovakia vs Czech Republic 1-0 Slovensko – Česká republika 1-0 Slovakia 1-0 Czech Republic. Duda Goal Friendly Match…


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  1. we slovaks are an exceptionally stupid nation… a country occupies us for
    40 years, makes us their vassals and destroys our country… then, that
    country steals a portion of its neighboring country (just like Hitler did)
    and starts a war… one would expect sympathy for acts which we have
    experienced ourselves, yet when a representative arrives he gets a hero’s

  2. Samo wanted to say that he is extremely stupid as the rest are wiser than
    him. Before WW 2 our allies, France, UK sold us out to Hitler ! They
    destroyed our state, partitioned it, helped HITLER consolidate his
    position. The hilarious part is that after Germans failed militarily, they
    set up precussor to EU for German economic dominance over Europe.

    As for the rest of the troll post, the land of the fascist corporate
    america, overthrew a government with the help of like-minded folks of the
    Dmytro Jaroš and his thugs. So in effect the US wanted to steal the whole
    of Ukraine, just like the rest of EU before, they condone violence and dont
    let others have a voice. So the totalitarian USA preaches all sorts of
    ideals to fools who listen.

    Hilarious part is that some fearmongered folks still see Russia as USSR,
    while Soviets are gone, these want to make Russia an enemy because they are
    told to be afraid, they dont see their little democratic friend wants to
    send them to war against Russia, Their fear helps them self-destruct. The
    main aggressor is the US. This is where decadence comes from, the
    anti-values and anti-common sense laws aimed against family and
    christianity while promoting terrorist islam/fascists in general.

    God bless Russia.

  3. Piatok Sviatok on

    Zostrihané aby nebolo počuť potlesk. Tak toto je tá proruská propaganda?
    Cutting applaus.

  4. jan simonides on

    public opinion research says 84% slovaks doesnt agree with putins agression
    against ukraine, 10% doesnt know only less than 6% agree

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