Slovak Direct, Denali – Houseman/Bullock


At the end of June this year Nick Bullock and myself were fortunate enough to be able to make a rare ascent (6th overall) of the Slovak Direct on the nearly 3000m South Face of Denali 6194m…
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  1. What a fantastic climb! Nice work. That’s not the route I could try, but
    that was quite inspirational. I plan on doing the West Buttress route in
    summer 2016 which seems ridiculously simple in comparison to this video.

    Denali has the most wonderful shades of granite and the whitest purest
    tones of snow. To me it is the most beautiful mountain in the world
    (except when it rains) -just stunning to hike, climb and fly around -rising
    from the sea to the boreal forests to the tundra and bright green foothills
    to the glaciers, baby blue lakes, in the summer 3000 ft waterfalls falling
    from minor cirques above the Ruth Glacier, to the just massive granite
    faces and seracs in a perpetual frozen winterland.

    I’ve been lucky to circle it for hours enjoying the sights in a private
    jet on a perfectly clear day which is ultra rare there at the summits of
    Denali and Foraker. Also lucky to explore the trails and bouldering on
    foot and from a little prop plane barreling through the seemingly endless
    ridges, cols, and gorges that emanate out 20-40 miles in each direction
    under the summit.

    Denali is also the largest mass you can experience in person on Earth -it
    really defies proportion -to stand under it is get a new sense of scale.
    If you have never been to Denali -do yourself a favor and go -those
    Glaciers have been disappearing extremely fast and who knows what the
    future climate will bring. 

  2. Trailblazer Outdoors on

    Brilliant video. Some great shots, (esp given what you both were doing). A
    great inspiration, thanks for sharing! Next please…;)

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