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  1. +MrJoseffffffffff You have a weird view on this.
    This are the POOR roma
    You have also the middenclass roma
    and you have Rich roma.
    just like everybody in this world may be one of the above description.

    There is no such of acceptation or not. try to figure first things out
    before asking this kind of question.

    Oh yeah, im roma. (from slovakia)
    but im not one of this kind. There are variations.
    im part of hugarian gypsy/roma
    Some differ.
    I could write a book here but have no time etc,

    I know your comment is 2 yeas old, but i kinda responded because i just
    felt so.


  2. Sheila MOTKO on

    I am a Descendant of Gypsies from Slovakia and Hungary ,i just found this
    out recently, I am very interested in the history , My father’s family
    last name Motko, they were from Motkovisto section of Liptovsky Svaty
    Kriz, Slovakia . So, I would to learn more about them.

  3. life is beautiful on

    Those are the Gypsy of Europe the cousins ​​of the gypsies who live in
    Rajasthan (India).
    Some Rajasthani words :
    They say chori means girl , the European gypsy say Chauri, boy chorò, to
    eat Kha, to drink Pin, To go Jià, to take Len , to give Den, To ask Puch,
    black Kalò, are the same words used by the European gypsy.

  4. Only roma who are not educated can call themself Gipsys, its like when you
    call a Afroamercan nigger. Roma are in a very bad situation
    (economik,social,edukation e.t.c). The only way to help them is with
    edukation and Integration Roma in society. Iam sure if you give them a
    chance there will be positive results, but many people have prejudice about
    them and thats why they discriminate them. Greetings from a Roma. Sry 4 my
    bad english

  5. Michaela Kujovska on

    This is very strong statement.Have you ever lived in Slovakia?If yes,how
    long?Have you ever lived in neighbourhood with gypsies?I mean who is not
    racist these days.White blame dark skin people and dark skin people blame
    white people.What about that we are just people who tend to do mistakes and
    shall learn from their mistakes.I am Slovakian,Me and my family are not
    racist.We also have some gypsies as a friends but they are educated and
    they just adapt to their environment just like we did.

  6. MrJoseffffffffff on

    If a Slowakian citicen,who has absolutely no predjudices against
    Romas,wants to marry a Roma–how will he be accepted from her family?Is he

  7. we have a long history of right wing nationalism in our country to be
    truthfull. I never heard any of my relatives talk good about gypsies I was
    taught to despice them. I think it’s us to blame that we didn’t take care
    of them now they became an unsolvable problem. there’s no way we can fix

  8. kathi astera on

    yes its europe in slovakia….slovakia is very rassist country….if ur
    skin is black..thay give u feel u r difrent …and want u move out from
    there…this ppl is gypsi ppl///never have chance get job,..never….this
    gypsi wht show u here is dirty…but thay r aswel ppl…human…thay dnt
    have chance for nothink …only bec skin problem….so how thay can live gd
    if thay dnt have chance??

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