Vítězslav Novák: In the Tatra Mountains


Vítězslav Novák: In the Tatra Mountains, symphonic poem, Op. 26 (1902, revised 1907) Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, conductor Karel Šejna painting: Antonín Hudeček.
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See http://www.museumoftheweird.com for more about the paranormal and unexplained. Recently there has been reports of Yeti sightings in the Tatra Mountains of Poland. This is one of two new…
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  1. LOUISANNA .P on

    03:14 is so ” träumerisch ” and …. so little decent chaotic. and
    in meinen Gedanken habe ich einen großen Baum und auf diesem
    baum sitzt ein rießen großer Vogelschwarm und singt, and the very high
    violens..imitating this.
    06:17 the piano…

  2. Jerry Callison on

    I found this as a result of your comment on Novak’s Slavak Suite. Thank
    you so much for such a beautiful piece of music! Recently I’ve been
    introduced to so many wonderful composers that are rarely heard. As much
    as i enjoy the well known composers I’ve found some wonderful gems. I’m
    subscribing to your page.

  3. Viktor Hanačík on

    his is a grandious masterpiece
    its more visual thanb i thought
    in one of ahead-time novel from Jiří Berkove “Akce-Lyra” which is musical
    science fiction (!)
    On Thalia planet they found FONARAMA device and they plug this set-up in
    and from far space it start get manifested the astonishing scenery through
    some extra time holographic plug-in !
    More amazing piece

  4. Beautiful. I was brought here by a mention of this piece in Cecil Parrott’s
    biography of writer Jaroslav Hašek, titled “The Bad Bohemian”.

  5. Razvan Mesteriuc on

    so…really. i wonder why most of the videos taken are shaky. they all get
    a good view of the beast, but the persons filming feel the need to move the
    camera from a point to another, so that nobody can see the creature very
    good. hoax!

  6. MrNightmareAngel on

    I like how calm these people are when they’re surrounded by multiple
    “yetis”…. Don’t even raise their voices…

  7. you live in china?…btw, blame the people employing them. they want cheap
    labor to make a bigger profit. capitalism mate.

  8. if we all quit giving attention to paranormal things, then those paranormal
    things will start to beg us to give them more attention…

  9. i love how all yeti sightings are on shit cameras, far away, shaky and the
    camera man can never keep the camera on them for more than 2 seconds at a

  10. Bjarne de Graaf on

    why are those footages of those “leghandery”beasts always so crappy, while
    the only camera’s u can buy now have sharp images

  11. You people are worthless get a life dont sit around on your big fat butt,
    do your homework, and get out there. And for the love of god make a better
    video not stupid bullcrap that suposedly is real its the same thing. You
    and whoever made this video will have a worthless life. Have Fun!!!!

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