“Problem” European brown bears in Slovakia’s Carpathian Mountains to be fitted with GPS collars


In the 1920s Slovakia’s brown bear population was almost eradicated by hunting. From 1932 until the 1960s the hunting of bears in Slovakia was stopped and the bears were protected (ironically…


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  1. Pavle Balenovic on

    In my country the bear population is in danger because of hunting which is
    out of public control.Recently 120 were killed so huge damage occured.
    Unfair media together with hunting lobbies spread false information about
    “overpopulation” of bears.In some areas the bears simply disappeared. This
    is what we got with entering into European Union.
    Thanks for posting.

  2. ZemplinTemplar on

    I appreciate the fact that research conduct by UK enthusiasts on our Slovak
    bears could help one day with the reintroduction of bears to the UK
    wilderness. :-)

  3. Excellent video. This is just the kind of research that will be invaluable
    when Brown Bears are hopefully reintroduced into the wild in the UK as well,

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