Slovakia: The Unknown Beauty (Trailer)


The FULL video has been released: This video is a trailer for my upcoming showcase of Slovak nature, history, castles, mountains, caves, architecture,…
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  1. Does anybody knows the music? First part could be Fujara, but I would like
    to know the singers/group of the secound part. Thanks everybody

  2. phanupong asvakiat on

    Such an interesting castle.
    The Hungarians migrated from the East with their Chinese Salami,saber
    lighter swords than the Europeans at the time,more agile to pierce the
    heavy armour at the joints.The Chinese have always called themselves Hun
    not Chinese.They were Taoist/Buddhist,liked to eat dumplings and pork.Maybe
    they were just the conquerors and not the majority of the inhabitants.Sorry
    to write this in a website about Slovakia.

  3. gogoasacenusie on

    @chosenone27990 , slovaks migrate in europe in 18 century? 😀 Holy crap! In
    the case of Transylvania and Romanians, they deny Romanians as original
    natives even though it’s written even in their own oldest historical
    chronicle, Gesta Hungarorum. They actually deny their own sources 😀 Even
    more, another hungarian chronicle writer, Simon Kezai, wrote that when
    Szekely Hungarians were settled in the mountains with Romanians they
    learned the letters from them, the so-called “magyar rovasiras” 😀

  4. @jediszmiagol at least learn how to speak English you cunt. If you laugh at
    my country I’ll laugh at your mother. Fair enough?

  5. Awesome video, my friend! I hope i’ll see Slovakia soon, it seems
    beautiful! Greetings from Serbia! =)

  6. Dávid Bereczki on

    @Lellovv Don’t hurt me! :DDD Please do not be offended dude. Sorry for my
    not really good english, but you know I’m just a Hungarian and I prefer my
    language, because it’s much nicer and more varicolored, not like the slavic

  7. @kolesztar Yes in a way it is. Slovakia was part of the Kingdom of Hungary.
    But it is now considered a separate so that is probably all in the
    territory of the Slovak.

  8. Oliver Deolivion on

    @Caaba Kenéz Oh fuck off, but then again thank you for taking the time to
    both view AND comment on this video both increasing the view count and
    reinforcing Slovak patriotism with your poorly thought out comment. On a
    serious note however, if you wish this beautiful nation of ours to be
    called upper Hungary, how about we call you south eastern Russia? I am
    pretty sure your fellow Hungarians who fought and died in the Hungarian
    revolution would not be to pleased about that… Brilliant video 🙂

  9. 20 years old slovakia! History??? What kind of History?1100 years old
    Hungary!!! This is the History! Hungarian Kings, Hungarian Castles, for
    1100 years!!!

  10. gogoasacenusie on

    @bandaznijo , if you call Romanians “gypsies”, then you are gypsies too
    dear hater…..take a look on the genetical map of Europe on Eupedia. The
    closest genetical relatives of Hungarians are Bulgarians and Romanians. You
    clowns are so uneducated and so brainwashed i don’t even want to insult
    you…. eupedia(.)com/europe/european_y-dna_haplogroups(.)shtml Have fun
    With love, from Romania

  11. @pmate1979 “1100 years old Hungary!!! This is the History! Hungarian Kings,
    Hungarian Castles, for 1100 years!!” ….ha ha you joker :)) My dear last
    hungarian king was Ondrej III. (András III.) and he died in 1301(even he
    himself was from largely part Italian than Hungarian). After his death was
    Hungarians ruled by Frenches, Germans, partially Italians and Luxembourg
    kings, so my dear, what 1100 years of Hungarian glorious history?? 😀 what
    hungarian castles, kings??

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