Slovakia: ‘No NATO bases in Slovakia’ – protesters gather outside Bratislava’s US embassy


Slovakia: 'No NATO bases in Slovakia' - protesters gather outside Bratislava's US embassy

Around 500 protesters gathered for an anti-NATO protest in Bratislava on Thursday. The crowds were addressed by former Prime Minister Jan Carnogursky, who said he “didn’t want NATO bases in…
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  1. extremelydangerous on

    THE only thing they understand is MONEY! !!!
    Tell NATO TO PAY 1000 Euros/year FOR EACH PERSON in slovackia, than let
    they install the BASE…

  2. Piatok Sviatok on

    1945-1989 all working, who not working, go ti isolation = 1. problem
    1945 – 1989 not free driving.
    1945 – 1989 not religion, who do religion, have problems with work,,,,
    spoke some peoples. 

  3. There were few communists, they just bring flags and are therefore visible.
    The speaker is former Slovak Prime Minister, who fought against communism
    and his father were impisoned.

  4. Jake Rauschenbeg on

    So many communists in these comments lol! Your all going to die! Either by
    NATO or by your own favorite country, Russia! Wannabe Russians lol, they
    will still kill you

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