Slovakia – The Fairyland (High Quality)


Slovakia - The Fairyland (High Quality)

Slovakia – Little big country 2 (English) For more info view: Text (Slovak only): Vo svete za šírymi lesmi,…
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Neuveriteľní gumoví chalani z FREERUN SLOVAKIA zaujali už len svojim nástupom na pódium… Dozvedeli sme sa nie len čo to o histórii freerunningu a parkúru, ale aj o zlomeninách či…


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  1. it depends on what you prefere..either history, nature, caves or water
    reservoirs. From 50 touristic attractions which country could have Slovakia
    has everything, except sea..

  2. Wow this is amazing. 2 weeks ago I went to Bratislava for a gig and it took
    a time to find the club 😀 At least I saw the capitol… sort of 😀

  3. well, there is many beautiful places…you can visit Tatra mountains, or
    visit capital city or visit Orava region and find the Orava Castle in 0:09

  4. @hasickubin My Great-Great Grandparents lived and worked at Arva Castle
    before coming to America in the 19th century.

  5. slovakia 🙂 really little big country 🙂 and im so proud tat i was born
    there…even though i do not live there anymore….in my heart forever

  6. Pavol Malovec on

    slovakia- first i would visit if i was a tourist, i would visit bratislava,
    the capitol town of slovakia, nice place with perfect castle, i think its
    the only type of castle on the world, second i will go to tatra mountains
    really beautiful place for vacation, skiing, snowboarding- with one word:
    everything, and more… :)))

  7. cechoslovak100 on

    the castle is called Orava castle(oravský zámok) and is located in the
    north of Slovakia in the Orava region.

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