Pelé vs Czechoslovakia 1970 By Zouzinho


Pelé vs Czechoslovakia.


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  1. Puscas said it best “i refuse to classify Pele as football player, he is
    above that”.Pele plays chess when others play checkers 

  2. He often did play a midfield role and could hold as well particularly later
    in his career. The myth of him being a striker is from his goal scoring
    rate, in reality he was a second striker who later played much deeper. Pele
    vs Romania and Pele vsFrance are also on offer.

  3. zouzinho, can you explain me why Brazil in that WC, changed his
    shirt-numbers in the second half. if you look carefully, the 1st hal shirt
    has a 1966 classic typography, and in the 2nd half, a different one.

  4. moluksefreefighter01 on

    Read your post again, and slap yourself will ya? how faster the game is,
    how harder it is to play!

  5. LeonardoImperador on

    Pelé is Midfielder Attacker (Meia atacante), had the job of complementing
    the defense, the midfield and attack.

  6. Have you tried going on Garrincha sites, you might find some diehards there
    you know. Go on get on the site!

  7. why do you suck peles dick so much?hesonly a football act as he
    treated aids or something.peles legend and his own ego is the only thing
    that keeps his myth going.

  8. @julianken2008 No hes not. But if your talking about match highlights i
    guess its nicer to watch pele since he has alot of space, in maradona
    videos theres always a defender marking him making it less “fun” to watch.
    I think his game against belgium in the 86 semifinal is on youtube where
    you can see his whole performance, a very fun performance. Theres also a
    game against real madrid in my favourites thats a great watch

  9. moluksefreefighter01 on

    Shows how less you actually know about the game! players make the tempo of
    the game go faster you MORON! what you mentioned has nothing to do with
    anything! jeeez what a clown you are!

  10. andresiniesta1234567 on

    no he wudnt just look at his technique it is like etoo he is just so
    ovverated back then they had the same shit

  11. moluksefreefighter01 on

    Faggot i NEVER mentioned Isco! i went on a Isco video, and you followed me
    EVERYWHERE i go, thats why YOU brought Isco into it, same with Laudrup, i
    NEVER brought Laudrup into this conversation, i just talked about HIM on
    HIS video, so why brining in Isco and laudrup? they aren’t Strikers or
    second strikers, so NO point to compare the, but hey people without any
    footballknowledge cant see that, oke lets compare maradona to beckenbauer
    now ok? idiot!

  12. Liar your profile is full of Pele only, you cant deny it, and it has been
    noted. It is only Pele sites you go on frequently, I know from now and
    before, so don’t lie!

  13. andresiniesta1234567 on

    open yur fucking eyes! Just look at peles technique it is the sameas a any
    top black fprward like etoo thoses defenders are some shit thats why
    ronaldo wud be beast in those times too pele shud not even be the best back
    then they did not have balon d o son they just went on and calling him the
    best in history leadijg gpeople to think that when he wasnt .overrated like

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