Post war murder of Sudeten Germans in Czechoslovakia


Never before seen footage of Czech’s murdering Sudeten Germans after WW2, filmed by Jirí Chmelnicek. See article here for full details:,1518,698060,…
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  1. Сергей Вата on

    Konflikt zwischen Tschechen und Deutschen seit vielen Hunderten von Jahren,
    zum Beispiel im Jahr 1919, haben die Tschechen eine friedliche
    Demonstration, in dem die Deutschen getötet und verletzt so viele Menschen

  2. Despite whether the German occupation of the Sudetenland was legit or not,
    Hitler later invaded the rest of the country when he was not supposed
    to.Had England and France helped the Czechs stop them right then, ww2 would
    have never happened. Instead they just let them fend for themselves, then
    used them to get to Reindhard Heydrich, which they had to pay a heavy price
    for by Lidice and hostages killed because the Germans thought they were
    invincible, and found out otherwise. Its never good to see people executed,
    and though it happens (another form of casualties of war), there are
    usually circumstances that have happened way before the act takes place. In
    this case, the Czechs Id have to say had about been as patient as they
    could. Somebody had to get it, why not people that had invaded them to
    begin with. Other than that, Czechs are well known for tolerance. hard work
    and creative people.

  3. 19GDeutschG87 on

    Allen Freunden der Sudetendeutschen kann ich nur dieses Video hier ans Herz
    ,,Die Sudetendeutschen – Tatsachen über das Sudetenland”

  4. Canadahockeyx09 on

    Hey buddy, lets not characterize every czech in this world like that, u
    might get ur teeth knocked out of you continue the shit talk about people.

  5. its sad to see such cruelty to humans,, even if they were the enemy…
    humans ability to be so cruel to one another,, never fails to shock me. 

  6. Martin Dostál on

    This just shows what sudeten germans done to czechs before and during ww2.
    they get their own medicine. only dead german is good german

  7. Scream Hunter on

    Sie haben Deportation von einigen Hundert Tschechen nach dem kaltblütigen
    Mord an Reinhard Heydrich als “Rechtfertigung” dafür genommen Millionen von
    Menschen die Heimat zu rauben.

  8. johnny terranova on

    It wasn’t a genocide. The German-Austrian occupation of Czech lands was the
    real genocide. Yet Czechs allowed Germans to live in the land. How did
    Germans thank Czechs? By joining the Nazis and supporting the occupation,

  9. Germans should be thankful they were allowed to leave in the future war we
    are not going to be so generous.
    We Slavic people need more space and we really don’t like how these
    genetically deformed Germans and Austrians have so much space.
    War is on the doorstep and time is ticking it’s time to begin purification
    of European continent.
    Slavic people as one man one nation one race one Europe

  10. Krakenosaur CZ on

    That’s not czechs that must be russians after world war 2 the russians had
    occupied our state and until the year 1993 we was in comunist dictature.

  11. Politically Incorrect on

    I’m pretty sure the video of the dead Germans being ran over by trucks is
    from per war Prussia. That was the spark for the Germans to invade Poland.

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