2009 World Junior Ice Hockey Championships: USA – Slovakia


Quaterfinal match of 2009 WJC in Ottawa between Slovakia and USA (5:3)
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  1. Crashrickshaw on

    Wow, that is a stellar statement. Profound and life altering. I must go a
    ponder this deep meaningful dribble for about .00001 of a second.

  2. Stupid americans HAHA !!!!!!!! Americans !!! All of you U ARE STUPID
    PEOPLES !! HAHAHHAHAHHA ok ok its spam but i REALLY dont like USA GRRRRRRR

  3. It’s great to see that Slovakian new hockey gen. is rising up fast and
    showing an outstanding performance. All the credit for Janus. Don’t mind
    those three pucks. This game he played was amazing. That many crucial saves
    show the amazing level of play.

  4. Miroslav Babjak on

    Slovakia has fucks USA! Tomas Tatar and Richard Panik are the best
    Players!! And Janus … Wgat great saves from Janus , woooow ! SLOVENSKO DO
    TOHO !!!

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