WW2: Czechoslovakia (9 May 1945)


Footage shows the retreating German armed forces from Czechoslovakia.
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  1. Karl von Bahnhof on

    before the war we were betrayed by Munich conference, which resulted in
    Nazi occupation, after the war Jalta conference, which meant Soviet
    occupation and communism….. 

  2. nachtjager77 on

    Billy, you’re right about the SS officer’s rank – my mistake. Crazy
    though, pause it at 9:28 and the guy who grabs him has a “Der Fuhrer”
    regiment, 2nd SS cuff title on! What are they doing in Slovakia? 2nd SS
    was supposed to be in Austria at the end of the war!

  3. My guess is he’s one of those dumb****s who thinks the average G.I. has
    come to help him and his equally idiotic pals in the fight against the
    “Weltfeind”. “Vot iss ur name, Zoldier?” “My name is Herschel Goldblum, and
    your ass is mine.” I also think the guy’s an Obersturmbannfuehrer, and I’m
    guessing his medal is the NSDAP Auszeichnung in Silber, for 15 years in the
    Party. Nice catch on the chevron.

  4. Brian Himmler on

    @6:16 check out the US grunt getting dissed by the woman, she wants no
    kisses from him..ha ha

  5. Frank Lamps on

    general Patton should have liberated Prague and ignore Jalta
    conference.With Prague in American hands ,would be harder for jewish
    comminism to arrive and torture Czechoslovakia ….,mayby Czech would
    become capitalist and Slovakia communist…

  6. nachtjager77 on

    Outstanding footage! Who is the Hauptsturmfuhrer at 9:19 wearing the “old
    fighter” chevron on his sleeve? He seems to have no idea how much trouble
    he’s now in! The armored half tracks just before that are amazing as well.
    Thanks for posting, fantastic film!

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