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  1. guitarzan1283 on

    @MainManiaProductions this is only an opinion but it appears to me as
    though hes trying to get the rear end of the truck to drag itself to the
    right so he is aimed a little more strait down the hill again only what i

  2. Cody Gierke on

    lmfao look how close those people are from that truck WITH the possibility
    of the cliff collapsing…

  3. @MainManialProductions I think we have a classic Independence day issue
    here. Someone put the sticky note upside down.

  4. NH4NO3CH3NO2 on

    Translation: And here is Davey Johnson! He’s pushing his 8×8 diesel powered
    ATV too the limit! He’s pushing dirt… hes pushing dirt… hes pushing
    dirt… hes pushing that dirt so well!

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