On the Beautiful Blue Danube [Strauss]


On the Beautiful Blue Danube [Strauss]

Music: Vienna Volksoper Orchestra *The Beautiful Blue Danube was first written as a song for a carnival choir (for bass and tenor), with rather satirical lyrics (Austria having just lost the…

First track… by Johann Strauss.


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  1. Son Mossard on

    Happy Easter2015 to All: Missed Don Bosco Thủ Đức Viet Nam-Dòng Don
    Bosco ở Khu Làng Đại Học Thủ Đức- missed 1967, 68, 69,
    197X….Beautiful Blue Danube – Son Vu

  2. SuChing Lee on

    MPT Orchestra. CIA had been taken over by the Malays, that why! They are
    CIA, I am KGB. All Criminals, in action!

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